Seri Puteri Hills Town Villa - An exclusive abode in the city


The newly completed project of the exclusive town villa by Malaysia’s leading developer, IOI Properties offers a beautiful twist to the already matured neighborhood of Bandar Puteri  Puchong township.


Seri Puteri Hills town villa is a refreshment to the sight of development in the developing city of Puchong. The freehold townhouse adheres to the concept of exclusivity, privacy, and serenity. With facilities that were part of the neighborhood, you will find everything that you need in the vicinity of your own comfort.



Luxury, Space, and Privacy

The Seri Puteri Hills Town Villa have several different floor plan with a starting price point of RM1,601,000 toRM 2,720,000.


The town villa that spread across 14 acres of land of the Seri Puteri Hills township offers space of luxury for those who seek for it in the blossoming area of development in Puchong.


There is four different types of 28’ x 80’ unit that differs by the size and price of the unit. On the direction to the east of the property, the lower unit of 28’x80’, have a built-up area of 3627 sq ft that comprises of 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms with a price point that starts from RM 1,623,000.


While the upper unit has built up area of 4359 sq ft with 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, which price point caps from RM 1,601,000.


On the other end, the 28’x80’, in the direction to the west of the lower unit, with a built-up area of 4187 sq ft that comprises of 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms stand at a price point starting from RM 1,779,000.


The upper unit, has built-up size of 3638 sq ft with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, same as the lower unit, with a price that starts from RM 1,612,000.


The town villa is all about space. Every unit owner is entitled to 2 or 3 car parking bay.



Secured home for the worrywart

Security of a house that you live in is of paramount importance to every homeowner.


With 5 tier security that comprises of 24 hours security guard, card access to rightful owner and CCTV at the car park, digital lockset at every unit’s main entrance with distress button that linked to the guardhouse, security alarm system, as well as voice intercom that is linked to the guard house.


On top of that, upper unit owners would have an individual lift for access into their own unit.



Connectivity at its best

What is a great home without the great facilities that came with it? Surely, Seri Puteri Hills Town Villa belonged to the great home category.


The facilities of the residence can be found at the clubhouse. The 20,000 sq ft clubhouse is a communal space that comprises of facilities such as barbecue corner for a barbecue party, game room, reading corner, gymnasium for the gym junkie, sauna, playground, and swimming pool as well as wading pool for the little ones to play.


The residence has seamless connectivity to cycle and walk around the residence, and not to mention the 40,000 sq ft landscaped gardens that complement the residence. There are three gardens that go by the name of Serenity Garden, Exploration Park, and Whimsical Garden to reconnect with nature in the vicinity of your own comfort.


Seri Puteri Hills Town Villa is definitely well connected to the rest of the world, where everything is within the 2-kilometer radius of the residence.


From healthcare, education to shopping, everything is close at hand offering homeowner vast of different choices to choose from. There are two hospitals in the proximity, Columbia Asia and KPMC.


There are also both primary and secondary schools in the area for young budding family, reducing commuting time on the road and more time at home and with the family.


Seri Puteri Hills Town Villa is located in the most strategic location where other major cities are 30 minutes away from it via major highways like LDP, SKVE and KESAS highway. Other major cities are as of Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Putrajaya, downtown of Kuala Lumpur.


Not to forget the easy access to the public transport, Seri Puteri Hills Town Villa is also in a prime location where you can go carless and take the public transport via LRT stations in Taman Perindustrian Puchong, as well as in Bandar Puteri.


Seri Puteri Hills Town Villa has everything it takes to be your perfect home. From security, privacy to connectivity, it has it all. The ball is in your hand, it is time to choose.