Kemaman, Terengganu

Coast Kemaman, the next big thing

The sun, sand and long stretch of beautiful beach along the coast would definitely trigger your mind to think of fun time under the sun, picnic, watching the sun setting on the edge of the horizon and admiration of nature’s beauty. On the other side of the coin, sun, sand, and beach would also mean big money.


Lies on the stretch of the Terengganu-Kuantan road, Uda Holdings is bringing another work of their urban dynamism to the east of Malaysia. Coast Kemaman, is one of their latest project for the business threshold on the east coast.



Sophisticated business center


Spread across 3.4 acres of land, this freehold business center is set to have 110 units of retail and commercial spaces located in Bandar Chukai, Kemaman, Terengganu.


These shop offices have a built-up area of 1,247 sq. ft. – 2,894 sq. ft. with a price range that caps from RM 443,397 - RM 1,404,226.


With a concept of open shopping and business center, Coast Kemaman is an interconnected block that can be divided into three circular blocks.


The floor plan for each block differs slightly to one another, Block A, the block with a hemisphere shape has two floors in total, while Block B, has three floors in total, and lastly Block C, have the same floor configuration as Block B: three floors.


Capping on the modern contemporary design, Coast Kemaman was built with a sophisticated and prominent architecture that could potentially be a place to do corporate business dealings, a place to stay, shopping, relax and cultural spot.


Also, the key features that the developer are trying to highlight within the architectural design comprise of the fact that it is a business park with a prominent architecture, modern and stylish exterior, a public square with a covered walkway, a lifestyle section, open space with double frontage.


Exhilarating retail experience


This eco-friendly mall set itself apart from any other mall as it aims to offer an exhilarating retail experience that caters to the middle to the upper class.


From shopping for groceries, filling up with wonderful and scrumptious gastronomy from delicious eateries, or get set to get all decked up in tech from IT centers, one-stop fashion point, fitness, and sports center for the sports junkie, Coast Kemaman will be your next hang out spot in Kuantan.


On the high note, Coast Kemaman is located simply 10 minutes away from the Kemaman’s city center, and in the middle of the regular road commuter, which also means that the mall is easily accessible.


Not just that, cities and town such as the capital of Pahang, Kuantan and also, Cherating a, resort town is simply 30 minutes of drive by car, that could stand Coast Kemaman a chance of chipping into the tourist attraction as well.


This business center is also nearby to a host of a residential area, primary and secondary school, and healthcare, it is within a 3-kilometer radius, hence this new development is definitely going to be the center of attraction once it opens.


All in all, Coast Kemaman, is Terengganu’s upcoming commercial hub that is worth investing in, given the availability of target market around, and the fact that it is accessible, great architecture and design and its brilliant location.