Your destiny your choice

Your destiny your choice

It’s crazy to think that majority of people do not have goals set for themselves. I’m not talking big dreams to be rich and successful with a mansion and a fleet of cars in the garage. But, I’m talking about the difference between just having dreams and actually taking the necessary steps to attain those goals. So what happens when people go their whole lives without ever coming close to their dreams? To be honest, I’m not sure. But, from what I’ve seen and learned, a big part of it is failing to create real goals.

It’s time to make a choice. I am going to ask you some questions. Do you want to live life to the fullest, or are you content to just go along with the crowd and settle for whatever comes your way? It’s always your choice. As Abraham Lincoln so aptly wrote, “We’re just about as happy as we make up our minds to be.” We adults cannot blame our unhappiness on the environment, our upbringing, our family or friends, our jobs or anything else. We need to take responsibility for ourselves to be all we can be.


Start by writing your dreams down, the clearer the better. Don’t judge the possibility, just write whatever comes to your mind. Remember, what the human mind can conceive it can achieve!

Be outrageous! Think big! You can do it – if you really want to. Maybe the poem written by Marianne Williamson demonstrates what I mean. The words are very powerful and were used by Nelson Mandela in his Inauguration speech in 1994.

Let these words inspire you to go all out to reach whatever it is you dream of. Because it seems that during the course of our life we forget the big dreams we had when we were young and believed we could do anything. The question is, why does life get in the way? Why do so many of us arrive at a stage where there seem to be more obligations than motivations? The main reason is that we are “programmed” for mediocrity. We have not been taught that we can be powerful beyond measure.

Work with the secrets of those who have done the “impossible”. Change your programming from “What if I fail?” to “What if I succeed? You are the best in whatever field you are passionately involved in and if you know what you want. Thousands of other extremely successful people all have these 3 things in common:

1. They knew exactly what they wanted and started with the end result in mind.

2. BELIEF – People who do the impossible believe they can do it and eventually do!

3. They act in spite of their fears; in spite of their doubts and in spite of what their family and friends might tell them.

Food for Taught

How Passionate Are You?

In a novel by Napoleon Hill, he stresses the importance of having real emotion behind your goals. The blood, sweat and tears behind every goal. The drive to plan and execute every goal with perfection. This burning passion will make sure you’re absolutely committed to achieving them.

Write Down Your Goals!

Writing your goals makes them that much more real, and you are more likely to commit to them when you have a visual reminder. Put the list somewhere you see often – near your desk and it will help to keep you on track. Cross things off as you finish them, and move on to the next.

Dream Big, Set the Right Goals, and exceed expectations.

You want to be the CEO of your dream company? That’s amazing, but if you don’t have the proper education, you may just be setting yourself up for unnecessary challenges that will make it easier to get frustrated and potentially give up. And, I’m not talking about a prestigious MBA, I’m talking about real-world, real-life experience from someone who knows what you want to pursue, inside and out.

Make A Plan, & Execute

Having goals out there in the world won’t do much for you if you don’t have execution. Most goals will require consistent effort and specific action steps that need to be taken on a daily basis.



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