You will need this feature to keep your kitchen organised in 2018

A pantry was once mandatory storage space in every home as it took on the role of organising foodstuff, small appliances, pots, pans and knick-knacks. In recent years, this kitchen design has been excluded but it’s high time for a comeback.

Regardless of the size of your home, your kitchen needs a pantry. With the addition of this storage system, you will find yourself with more organised cooking space, and hence shorter meal preparation times.

There are two types of pantry designs: walk-in pantry and cabinet pantry. Browse through these examples to see which style suits you best.

Walk-in pantry

This gorgeous monotone kitchen features a walk-in pantry fitted with ceiling to floor black cabinets that will perfectly house all your kitchen needs.

Want to conceal your pantry? Take notes from this condominium kitchen that hid their small pantry behind a sleek door.

It’s easy to keep your cooking space and pantry hidden from plain sight. Just use this easy partitioning method to divide your dining and storage space.

If you don’t want to keep your pantry away from plain view, put it all on display in a walk-in storage space with glass doors.

Cabinet pantry

The interior designer of this space dedicated an entire wall to pantry storage. This makes organising and sorting tools and tableware easier.

Just like the home above, this space also dedicated an entire wall and then some to their pantry. We love how centralised these storage spaces are!

When you lack floor space, make use of wall space just like this home has done.

These pantry cabinets were seamlessly designed into the wall so they can blend into the kitchen design.

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