This is your ultimate list of Malaysian kitchen designs and layouts

Find the perfect kitchen layout and design for your home from this list of styles, colours, and themes.

The kitchen is the centre of every home, so a lot of thought needs to go into designing or remodelling the space. Design and layout will have a huge impact on how the room looks and works so check out these local kitchens and save the ones that suit your space.

If you’re looking for a classic and clean design, this kitchen will be the one for you. The white cabinetry paired with dark grey tones and marble countertops gives this room a clean and classic finish.

For something more dark and broody, check out how this kitchen paired black countertops with sleek cabinetry.

This simple white and blue combo gives this kitchen a modern upgrade without all the frills.

Classy and compact are the two words that describe this minimalist modern kitchen. Check out how the geometric tile backsplash upgrades the look of the room.

This contemporary kitchen takes on dark and bold tones that bring impact to this space.

White can be anything but boring when you incorporate patterns, details, and textures.

When white is too plain for you, retain the subway tile backsplash but opt for “coloured” cabinetry options.

classic contemporary room like in this home features sleek countertops, signature pendant lights, and pristine white cabinets.

This kitchen took on a retro vintage theme after the 40-year-old space was refurbished. Who says a remodel needs to be modern?

Who knew baby blue would make such a big statement in your kitchen? We love how this hue immediately upgraded the room, making it airy and spacious.

This space took on a modern Asian theme that stuck to simple designs and clean finishes.

This studio unit gave their kitchen an overhaul with this industrial-themed design. We love the exposed shelves, gold beams, and compact countertops!

Black and silver are a match made in heaven. Check out how this home opted for black cabinetry with silver kitchen fixtures.

For homes with enough space for wet and dry kitchens, try opting for a see-through partition like in this space.

Clean lines, simple design, and a glossy white finish make this kitchen a modern and sleek masterpiece.

Who says one wall kitchens can’t look nice? The blue cabinetry design gives this small kitchen a modern look.

minimalist and classic kitchen like this leaves room for personalised décor and bold fixtures.

If you’re a chef with a small kitchen, try this industrial themed kitchen on for size.

This single wall kitchen took on a simple yet classy finish, deciding on a black and white colour palette.

Here’s another kitchen that opted for monotone hues without looking drab.

This captivating kitchen looks like it belongs in a showroom!

Compact and contemporary perfectly describe this small space.

For a more Scandinavian style kitchen, take inspiration from this charming space.

The yellow in this room immediately brightens up the space, making meal prep less boring.

This kitchen proves that you can achieve big dreams in a small space.

Taking on a modern and rustic theme, this room is nothing short of being visually stunning.

Another black and white kitchen yet with a classic design. This just proves that you can never go wrong with timeless elements.

contemporary kitchen with modern touch features pull-out dining and storage options.

The lush nature outdoors adds a subtle pop of colour to the grayscale palette in the room.

It looks like classic kitchen cabinets are making a comeback. We’ve all seen these cabinet designs back in the day.

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