These swimming pools are so dreamy, you wish they were in your backyard

Many of us wish we had a private pool at our disposal for all the days that we want to unwind and chill but alas, it comes with a hefty price tag and space that we just don’t have.

These lucky Malaysian homes, however, have built themselves swimming pools in their yards and they’re every bit luxurious as we imagined. From large lap pools to one that was squeezed into a terrace home compound, we guarantee you will be inspired (or a tad bit jealous).

With a whopping 8,000 sq. ft., it’s no surprise this home features a large swimming pool that overlooks such a scenic view. To top things off, the interior designers opted for an infinity pool layout that has water cascading over the side of the home.

This home in Sri Petaling went viral on social media because of how the homeowner and interior designers refurbished a decade old terrace house to accommodate a swimming pool. The project inspired terrace homeowners in Malaysia to dream big.

Located in Johor Bahru, this old corner lot was given a breath of new life with a drastic new facelift that features a swimming pool fit for family fun. The refurbishment turned the house into a holiday villa and if you do a quick search, you’ll find that you can rent out the space for a getaway!

Don’t know what to do with the garden space beside your home? Why not turn it into a pool as this homeowner did? The water feature and gazebo add to the aesthetic of this outdoor oasis.

Perfect for a family with toddlers, this swimming pool comes equipped with a wading pool for kids and extends into a lap pool for the adults. We can already picture all the fun family gatherings at this home.

This narrow lap pool sits pretty in the porch of this family home. It leaves room for a walkaway and gathering space for all the pool parties.

These homeowners spared no expense when it came to building their dream home. Not only does the house feature a swimming pool with cascading fountains, but it also has a courtyard koi pond!

With a gorgeous backyard like this, who could resist building a pool? Perfectly hidden behind the home, the pool area boasts a deck for entertaining and lots of garden space for roaming.

The interior design firm built this home from scratch and even included a stunning swimming pool that wraps around the side of the home so the homeowners can also enjoy it from the inside.

Located in Shah Alam, this modern contemporary bungalow included a narrow lap pool in the compound to fully utilise their outdoor space.

A small dipping pool like this one is more than enough to make you want to unwind after a long day. Plus, the added water feature and gorgeous garden landscape just spell vacation.

This article was originally published as These Malaysian Homes Feature Dreamy Swimming Pools That Help Beat the Heat by written by Lydia Lohshini.