These open layout kitchen designs in Malaysia are great for small spaces

12 open layout kitchen designs that will inspire your next remodel.

Open layout homes are a welcome departure from boxy offices and the constraints of a car in which we seem to spend a majority of our time in. These cooking spaces that open into the living room and dining spaces make for a more casual and multi-functional common space while making small spaces look bigger.

This kitchen cum dining area is chic and can perfectly accommodate dinner parties. We also love how they’ve incorporated a large mirror to give the illusion of wider space.

When your unit lacks room for a proper dining space, incorporate it into your kitchen. The white colour theme helps make the space feel less confined.

Combining your living room, dining, and kitchen into one open layout space is possible without the room feeling cramped and boxed in.

If you have extra cooking space, we suggest you move your dining room into the space for easy prep and clean up.

Turn your breakfast bar into your dining area to save space in your home.

This open concept kitchen and dining gives the illusion of a longer and spacious home.

We love how this studio unit embraces open spaces and versatile living.

This Scandinavian themed home efficiently uses the open concept space to create an inviting living space.

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