These Malaysian study rooms are sure to boost your efficiency

10 study rooms in Malaysia homes that will inspire you to remodel yours and start working from home.

The study room is a place where your creativity and efficiency are put to the test. If space isn’t motivating, you are less likely to be productive. Check out these 10 study rooms in Malaysia that are nothing less than inspiring.

This contemporary study room gives off a zen-like ambience making the workspace calm and productive.

The bright jewel orange colour accent in this home study is perfect for maintaining focus and keeping you awake.

With a contemporary Asian theme, this study room takes on traditional Japanese décor paired with functional storage and cabinetry.

The bursts of bright colour in this study room will boost your mood and positively affect your productivity.

This contemporary industrial study room is so chic and functional, it can be a great space to work from home or even conduct meetings.

Yellow is an energising and uplifting hue so adding it to the workspace creates an environment that conducive for studying.

We love this Scandinavian themed study room that has minimalistic décor but is functional and efficient.

When the study is a space shared by multiple people, consider adding a communal desk that can be used by everyone.

This industrial themed room features bare brick walls, a large worktop, and ample of natural light, perfect for anyone who works from home.

A bright blue wall is a backdrop for this creative workspace that is fun but also calming. The rattan swing seat is great for when you need a little break from the papers.

This article was originally published as These Malaysian study rooms are sure to boost your efficiency by and is written by Lydia Lohshini.