These Malaysian living rooms will take you back in time

Retro living rooms are making a bold comeback in these Malaysian homes designed by local interior designers.

These homes took inspiration from past trends and styles to curate unique and modern takes on the retro theme. You’ll be surprised at how these spaces can take you back in time.

This Andy Warhol-inspired living room flaunts a fun and casual environment. We love how the interior designers paired bright pops of colour with white furniture and woodwork.

With a similar Andy Warhol theme, this living room mixes pop art with contemporary style to create a retro-modern themed home. The customised mural gives this living room a more personal touch, allowing guests a glimpse of the homeowner’s quirky side.

A retro living room like this one is easily achievable. You will need to pair retro inspired décor pieces with minimalistic furniture to create a cohesive look.

Flaunting bold hues like red and yellow, this retro living room is both playful and chic. We’re taking tips on how to subtly introduce colours into a neutral room.

Stunning views aside, this minimalistic retro space takes a page from the ’60s with their couch design and gem-inspired tables. The city skyline looks to be the perfect backdrop for this interior design style.

Pairing retro designs with an industrial theme, this living room is a perfect balance of both the styles. We love how the yellow couch instantly warms up the space amidst the sea of grey.

For a fun 60’s inspired space, take pointers from this living room which embraces the era’s staple chequered pattern. The interior designers took the style one step further by including comic references and even turned the light fixtures into chess figures!

For a subtle take on this interior style, consider this living room. Using minimal furniture, this space is elevated with various artworks and given depth with the addition of a life-size mirror.

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