These Malaysian homes feature creative and inspiring entryways


Your entryway is the first impression guests get of your entire space, so make it count.

It’s never an easy task to put together a space that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Check out how these homes took on the task and achieved a welcoming space.

Subtle yet chic, this contemporary modern foyer will make a lasting impression on your guests. The nest-like armchair is a defining addition to the space.

The entrance to this home features personal notes and messages and we can’t quite think of a better welcome than that.

This classy and elegant entryway gives guests a glimpse of the overall theme and style of the home.

When working with small spaces, we suggest you fully utilise your entryway. This home incorporates additional storage on both sides of the door.

We love how these homeowners put together a collection of vintage treasures at the entrance, using the space to perfectly showcase their art.

A classic foyer like this one features a seating area for guests to lounge.

This home truly utilises the foyer, creating a nook that is practical and stylish. The couch is a great space to put on your shoes at while the cabinetry allows you to keep keys, mail, and shoes concealed.

Use the foyer as a space to reflect on the style of your home. This home extends its modern touch to the entryway with minimal yet trendy furniture.

With a contemporary Asian theme, this home features wood cabinetry and a gorgeous large mirror for last-minute outfit checks.

Flaunt your quirky and creative side right at the entrance of your home, just like this home!

This article was originally published as These Malaysian homes feature creative and inspiring entryways by and is written by Lydia Lohshini.