The key to a minimalistic living room is simpler than you think

Save these Malaysian living room designs that will inspire you to decorate with the motto “less is more”.

Minimalistic style is the theme that features an aesthetically simple and minimal layout, and a minimal living room is where it all starts. We found 8 home interiors that embrace the simple style while remaining chic.

This classically simple space features only the bare minimum but still manages to look chic. The interior designer added character to this room with the use of textures and muted hues, giving the living room a calming effect.

With a large space like this one, it takes restraint to design minimally. We’re often tempted to use every nook of our home but this space opted for only the necessities, leaving it spacious and airy.

If light neutral hues aren’t your cup of tea, check out how this home paired minimal décor with dark tones to create a cosy den. The dark colours give the space more character and depth.

Using the TV wall as a focal point alongside minimal furniture and décor, this living room truly shines. The furnishing is arranged around the TV wall to section out the living room from other spaces in the home. This is a great technique for open layouts.

A minimalistic theme is key for small homes. It’s the best way to make use of the minimal space you have. This home incorporated a L-shaped couch and a small coffee table to create a cosy living room.

There’s a fine line between minimal and boring. this homeowner tackled the issue by incorporating a Scandinavian theme alongside her minimalist style. The space looks effortlessly comfortable.

Small spaces like this unit show that it’s possible to live with less. The interior designers used the walls as accents to distract the eye from the lack of space. They also only placed one couch in the living room so as to avoid clutter.

Like we previously mentioned, it takes skill and restraint to not want to furnish and decorate your entire space. This home understands that regardless of space, minimal living is about removing layers and not style. The grey used in this living space adds a sense of sleek sophistication while the bold carpet adds life to the room.

This article was originally published as The Key to a Minimalistic Living Room is Simpler Than You Think by written by Lydia Lohshini