The business of security

The business of securityPeter was extremely excited. The launch of a highly popular mobile device was tomorrow and his small IT retail business was set for a boon as demand was sure to be high. Peter had placed a fairly large order and his workers had just finished unloading several hundred units into the store of his ground floor shop in a busy commercial district. Still, he was not sure if he had enough stock as he was expecting a long queue of eager customers to form even before his store opened for business the next day.

At the end of the operating hours, Peter made sure his store was securely locked and all padlocks were properly bolted. It was going to be a big day for his shop and he planned to arrive early the next day to supervise the set up and display of the new merchandise.


Broken Dreams

Peter could hardly sleep the night before and was on his way to his shop before the break of dawn. He sensed incredible unease when he arrived to find the front door slightly ajar. He was certain that the floor manager, the only other person with access, had yet to arrive. His worst fears were realized when he looked inside the shop. His store had been broken into with all his heavy duty padlocks simply cut in half. The chain and locks all lay useless and broken on the floor, while his precious merchandise was gone. The store room lay bare and empty. It was nothing short of a disaster for Peter.


Sound Advice

The rest of the day was not the busy sales bonanza that Peter had envisioned but rather a long, tedious process of lodging a police report and listing out all the stolen merchandise. The investigating officer pointed out that the robbers seemed to know when to hit and were aware that his shop was secured only with padlocks.

“When you are stocking so much valuable merchandise, it would be a good idea to have your premises secured with an alarm system,” he counseled. “Or you could keep a ferocious guard dog inside your shop.” Peter thought about the options and quickly surmised that a guard dog was too much trouble and unsuitable for his premises.

One of the business owners near his shop recommended Peter Bluguard alarm systems, pointing out that there were various options to choose from. But what really caught Peter’s attention was the mention that Bluguard had an App allowing business owners to control the alarm system from their mobile devices. After consulting with Bluguard, Peter opted for the V series security system.


In the Zone

Peter was pleased to know that Bluguard V series security system could monitor sixteen separate, pre-set zones. The system could be monitored by phone and recognized voice notifications. The fact that the security system was easy to use was a bonus as he would need to train his staff how to use it as well. He was also impressed that he could auto arm or disarm the system with the use of a timer, and that each zone could be separately set. This was a great feature as it meant that his business premises could be disarmed to be open to customers but his store and other key areas could remain secure. This was especially important when Peter was away on business trips. The fact that Bluguard V series security systems allowed him to monitor and control the system from afar via his mobile phone was the ideal solution for him.

When Bluguard informed him that the V series security system came with an in-built lightning surge protector, Peter was sold. It seemed that Bluguard had thought of everything.


Moving Forward

Few months down the line, Peter had recovered from the break in when his insurance claim came through. But his business had been thriving because Peter was now more confident of carrying greater amount of inventory, knowing that his business premises was secured by Bluguard V series security system. In fact, his insurance providers offered even more favourable terms once they found out Peter had installed Bluguard Alarm System!