The brains of the operations

The brains of the operationsSamuel was by his own admission a tech head. He was someone who was enamoured with the latest gadgets and technology. In short, he was a geek but a very successful one having built an enterprising interior furnishings business. As an interior designer, he had a great eye for furnishings and Samuel had spent an inordinate amount of money making his home look and feel truly up market.

Samuel had often used his own home as a model to show clients his handiwork, and it was a large bungalow with 5 bedrooms, and various other rooms, including a games room, a HiFi room, a home theatre, a gymnasium and two kitchens.

It was during one such show around for a potential client that it was pointed out to Samuel that his wondrous castle had no security system. Saying that it was tantamount to a design failure, the critique hit Samuel hard as he had always prided himself on providing clients with a complete package.


Smart Option

Samuel wasted no time looking for the ideal security system to add to his palatial show house. It needed to be one that would give him peace of mind, seeing that his home was choc full of pricey furnishings. He needed it to be user-friendly as well, believing that best systems always included ease of use. His online research led him to the site of Bluguard Security Systems.

What really caught Samuel’s eye was the availability of Smart Home systems. Now, that was something that was right up his high-tech alley. There were two options – the T Series and the Senseries. He made an appointment to have a security consultant visit his home. The consultant recommended that Samuel opt for the Senseries S32 given that his was a rather large property. The features incorporated into the Bluguard SmartHome Senseries System definitely ticked all the right boxes.


Features Galore

Samuel was well impressed that the Bluguard Smarthome could be controlled via his mobile phone. This also allowed for text updates and voice reporting (to his fixed line phone as well). This meant Samuel was always updated on the security of his home no matter where he was.

He could also control the security system via his mobile phone, arming or disarming different sections of his property. In fact, the Senseries 32 could be expanded to cover 32 individual zones (16 programmable zones with 4 partitions, expandable to 32 zones for wider security coverage). Aside from mobile phones, control for the Senseries 32 security system was established via a nifty and compact looking keypad, which would allow Samuel the option of controlling various home appliances. This included turning on the air conditioning or any number of lights. This deceptively simple yet effective function will give the impression that the home was occupied or “alive” at all times. This can be set using the timer function as well.

Other cool features that impressed Samuel were the voice mailbox and intercom function between four keypads, allowing easy communications between family members who hold the keypads. There is also a built-in speaker to update users of the overall condition of the system and there is also secure lightning surge protection.

Safe, Secure & Smart!

Samuel was sold and had the Senseries 32 installed the following day itself. Since then, almost every client that he has shown around his home had made mention of the smart home and security system. In fact, almost all who have engaged Samuel’s services had also asked that he incorporate Bluguard Security System into the proposed interior design.

Installing the smarthome system has been one of the best decisions Samuel had made, both as a home owner and businessman. Not only does it provide peace of mind but it has also given his interior design consultation a new dimension.


Bluguard Security Systems is handled by Archtron Research & Development Sdn. Bhd (Archtron) which was founded in Malaysia in 2003 by a group of engineers with the objectives of becoming the first company to embrace the latest technology in the industry and as a part of their aim to bring new technology and business opportunities that specialized in Intelligent Smart Home Solutions.