Revamp Your House Through Shopping Online

Revamp Your House Through Shopping Online

Some basic do-it-yourself home revamps are becoming increasingly popular these days — it gives you complete control over the creative process and saves you a ton of money that would have been spent on an interior designer.

However as simple as it appears to be to recreate home-decor ideas from Pinterest – sourcing and shopping for the perfect unique and architectural pieces of furniture is extremely time consuming, especially for working adults in this metropolitan and fast-paced age. Gone is the traditional notion that you can only buy your furniture from physical stores. Here are tips to save time and money whilst revamping your humble abode!


More stores, more variety:

Online shopping allows you to visit more furniture stores than physically possible. Save some travelling time just by clicking through to another e-store, and find that perfect corner living room piece in a few hours rather than a few days.


Compare prices and dimensions with spreadsheets:

Most websites often have the details and make of their products stated clearly in the item description, making it easy for their customers to make more informed choices. This feature also enables cross-product comparison with greater ease than non-online shopping, where a salesperson might be rattling off details that no one can even remember. Make your job easier by listing product links and prices side-by-side for comparison on an Excel spreadsheet.


Discover unique pieces not shown in physical showrooms:

Most stores are not able to display all of their products available due to physical space constraints. This is not an issue encountered by online merchants. So, there would definitely be more product choices available online than in physical showrooms. Browsing through organised online catalogues also allows you to discover unique items that you may have inevitably missed in the clutter of the physical store.


Get cheap products with specialised sites:

China-based retailers like AliExpress and sell products at very low, supplier rates. When shopping at such sites, be sure to personally message the individual sellers themselves and do your due diligence in researching on the credibility of such sellers and their products. You do not want to end up in a situation where the quality of the actual product differs vastly from what was represented. However, for those who are more wary and new to online shopping, Lazada might be a better choice with its more user-friendly interface, albeit the substantially higher prices.


Always check the fine print:

One major drawback of shopping online is that one can only rely on the apparent reliability of sellers and their assurance that the information provided is indeed correct. Therefore, it is important to always check the delivery, return policies and fine print of each seller and product when you make your purchases. Ensure that free returns are available in the situation that the product received is not what was advertised. As much as possible, purchases should only be made from sellers of good repute, with good reviews by other customers. This is especially so for furniture – you wouldn’t want to end up with a bench that breaks the first time you sit on it!


Use online coupon and cashback sites:

Some online websites are also dedicated to bringing online shoppers the best deals and rebates. One such example is ShopBack Malaysia, which provides cashback for every purchase made through ShopBack—on top of discounts from the merchants themselves. Discover new furniture stores and deals without having to step a foot out of your house! And you won’t have to deal with pesky salespeople who might try to manipulate you into paying more than necessary.


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