Never grow up in the Pan Treehouse Hotel


Neverland may be out of reach, but the Pan Treehouse Hotel in Norway is just as good at letting you never grow up

These epic A-frame cabins are accessed by a stunning exterior spiral staircase surrounded by dense woodland. The A-frame cabins sit atop a sturdy scaffolding system perched between the trees.

Carefully placed to enjoy maximum natural light at all times of the day, the constructions enjoy large glass windows which capture the breathtaking forest views that change throughout the day.

An A-frame cabin with a difference.

Each of the four legs is anchored in solid rock, providing a firm foundation strong enough to stand up to double hurricane forces.

The spiral staircase is enclosed in a steel mesh to keep you safe and allow light to flood in.

Not only do the cabins look epic but they’re sustainably designed and energy efficient with natural materials, bringing the sense of the outdoors into the cabin.

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Sleek minimalist interiors are cosy and sustainable.

The Pan Treehouse Hotel is perfect for family and group trips, and for anyone who wants to recapture the wonder and magic of being a child again.

Breathtaking views over the dense forest.

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