Located in the most populous city of Brazil, this long and narrow home in São Paulo was redesigned to create more space. In a city where the value of land is getting ever higher, the design of this home by Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados does not discount the value of creating more open spaces infused with greenery.

A key feature revolves around the inclusion of two inner courtyards which function as outside spaces to provide more light and ventilation while gracing the home with views of greenery. This matches to the overall design concept beautifully with the majority of surfaces finished in raw concrete.


The front courtyard looks especially stunning with its mirror-like pond and aquatic plants growing out of the still water while planter boxes suspended above create an almost fantasy like ambiance as you enter. The suspended planter boxes however play another important role, providing the living area on the first floor a more garden like feel complementing the tree planted on the front balcony.

With the living and other common areas relaid out to the first floor, the bedrooms are then repositioned to the ground floor to maximize their views of the interior courtyards. The combination of raw finishes combined with the garden like views create a home that not only feels distinctly modern yet beautifully liveable.


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This article was originally published as MIPIDU House by habitat-my.