Michael J. Fox struggles to sell his Connecticut retreat

Michael J. Fox struggles to sell his Connecticut retreat

The Family Ties star and his family have owned the charming 29-hectare site in Sharon for years, though it’s not known how much they originally paid for the property.

It was first listed late last year for $US4.8 million and the asking prices was recently reduced to $US4.25 million.

The guesthouse includes a guest apartment and a separate house by the pond. Picture source: Realtor.com

The kitchen. Picture source: Realtor.com

The open plan living area. Picture source: Realtor.com

A pool with mountain views. Picture source: Realtor.com

The property seen from the front. Picture source: Realtor.com
With wooden floors, stone benches and a simple yet open design the  464sqm home  exudes a certain rustic charm.

Designed by architect Charles Myer, the retreat was custom built for the couple in the late 1990s at around the time the star was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s disease.

The large living area features a vaulted ceiling and a first-floor gallery which leads onto other smaller rooms such as the office and library.

Fox had seen a similar grand room at a property in British Columbia as a boy and asked his architect to re-create the look.

“When I asked the lady who lived there why they’d built it that way, she said, ‘I want­ed to stand in the middle of the room, call out my children’s names and have them be able to hear—and answer—me from any room in the house.’ Something about that struck me as a great idea. I never forgot it,” he told Architectural Digest in 2000.

The six-bedroom, four-bathroom home also has a pool out the back, pond, pond house, guest apartment over the garage and barn for the horses.

The large property includes paddocks, a shaded verandah, a small manicured garden, woodlands and plenty of room to exercise any horses.

Pollan’s family own property nearby and since 2007 the couple have owned a 650sqm mansion in the Hamptons. The couple reportedly paid $US6.8 million for the house in Quogue on the south shore of Long Island.

This article was sourced from realestate.co.au