Metroworld Realty: On a mission to the top

Metroworld Realty: On a mission to the top

Do tell us about yourself and highlight some of your most interesting experiences in the real estate industry?

LT: I have been in this industry for 13 years mainly focusing on industrial and commercial properties. Starting a career in this field was no easy feat but I am blessed to have met two mentors early on – Tan Sri Dato Sri M. S. Tan and Gerald Varughese (Gerald Peter) – the former gave me advise on how to pursue a successful career in the business world, while the former taught me how to become an industrial real estate specialist. He also taught me the art of Real Estate services and the technical aspect of the industry. My thirst for learning naturally allowed me to enhance the skills that I acquired from these mentors. Looking back today, their advices and guidance have made me who am I today and no amount of money can buy that.


What is the brief history of Metroworld? How did it all begin and what are some of the company’s milestones?

LT: This company was founded in 2003 by Dr Jason Doo Chang Wei, a principal and Estate License holder with 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. It has weathered ups and downs, and overcome obstacles and remain a strong presence for 14 years. Today, Metroworld is the only real estate company in Malaysia that achieved ISO 9001 standard, which means we run with proper audited accounts and all matters pertaining to the company are handled professionally. We have also received as “Award of Excellence” from for reaching this milestone.

Our team of administrators and real estate negotiators are skilled in providing the proper marketing support and professional real estate services. We have established more than 15 branches all over Malaysia, and by the end of 2017, we plan to have a corporate restructuring that will position Dr Jason Doo as the company’s Chairman & Advisor, and me as the new Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to oversee the operations and expansions of Metroworld Group of companies.


What makes Metroworld different from all the other Real Estate Agencies around?

JD: Aside from the ISO standards achivement, our agency has a board of marketing support service for our real estate negotiators. We have the JPPH (Jabatan Penilaian & Perkhidmatan Harta) transaction data to support our negotiators during property valuations and a professional website to strengthen the company’s presence in the digital world. On top of that, we also have a Metroworld ‘App’ that can be downloaded from the Playstore and Applestore for smart phone users. We also provide an external server that allows agents greater mobility and the proper digital support while working.

Our in-house sub sale training system is recognized as one of the most technical real estate training in the country. We also ensure that our negotiators and project sales advisors are well versed about the products that they are selling and have a full understanding on the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.


Where do you see Metroworld in the next five years?

JD: To fulfil Metroworld’s vision to become a market leader in the real estate industry and to be the People’s choice agency we’ve targeted to open up at least one branch in each state in Malaysia, a minimum of two branches in the Johor region, and to extend our expansion to Kuantan, Ipoh, as well as East Malaysia in the next two years.

We want to build a company where everyone stands a chance to be the next CEO. Part of our future plans also include strengthening our position in the sub-sale and secondary sales market (in the Residential, Commercial and Industrial sector), expanding our project marketing team, setting up our own valuation department and forming a property management department. A team of corporate negotiators and agents will also be formed to work on corporate deals. We will be working with more developers on projects sales and expand our portfolio with some international property projects. These will be our forte for the next 5 years, which is in line with Metroworld’s motto for year 2018 “Together We Build”.