Lush greenery provides a tranquil setting for 21 Jervois Hill by AR43 Architechs

Located in densely populated Singapore is this expansive house designed by AR43 Architects. Situated on a hill slope and surrounded by lush natural greenery and trees this bungalow exudes the feeling of a sanctuary, tucked away in the midst of the sprawling urban landscape more associated with Singapore.

Extensive landscaping was undertaken to create give this house the tranquil and soothing ambience of a retreat. The landscaping work was designed to seamlessly complement the forest reserve located beyond the northern boundary, blurring to some extent the planned and natural greenery.

The house is accessible via a short road that leads to the entrance which is located on the second floor. This is achieved with the design of the house which was built with a step-down design with three contrasting terraces. The overall structural design consists of a pavilion that houses the main spaces while a supporting wing that runs perpendicular to the pavilion is designed for the more private areas of the home.

One beautiful feature that we particularly love is the waterfall that cascades down from the mid-level garden to become one with the swimming pool located at the lowest level of the sloping landscape. With its overall design closely balancing between the more traditional look of a colonial-styled house and a modern-day resort, the architects have created a home that has beautifully merged these elements from different ages to create a home that exudes serenity and tranquillity.

Photos by Albert KS Lim.


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