Living with pets in condos: Making it work (Part 2)


Living With Pets in Condos: Making It Work (Part 2)

The last article in this Living With Pets in Condo Series covered the legalities concerning having pets in high-rise buildings. Today, let’s look into making life with your fluffy friends in your condo a happy and stress-free one.

Finding that perfect property

In Malaysia, it’s still considerably difficult getting a pet-friendly property, especially if you’re looking to rent. Yep, that’s a general fact: landlords worry about how the overall hygiene, level of noise and the environment, in general, may be affected with the presence of pets in the buildings.

However, with the strata by-laws firmly put in place, pet owners and their house-trained furry friends can live peacefully in their own abode.

So, if you’re looking to buy your own property, get acquainted with strata AND council laws. You may want to look into areas that are popular with expats (more on that later) where pet-friendly condos are found more commonly there.

If you intend to rent, note the dos and don’ts of your condo. Don’t get discouraged if you get turned down by numerous landlords when you mention that one of your family members has four legs.

How to woo your landlord/neighbours/condo management

In Malaysia, pet owners may face difficulty getting a pet-friendly place to rent. Not many landlords are receptive to having their place potentially overrun with pets (and their adorable offsprings, gasp!) because, duh, it’s obviously their first priority is the maintenance of the property.

But! This doesn’t mean that landlords who are open to having pets in their properties are as rare as unicorns. They’re out there somewhere, and all you need is a good dose of tact and a hearty helping of perseverance.

Here’s how you can make it work.

  • Start a conversation. Be upfront when you enquire about the availability of your desired unit. Mention your pet and ask if you can schedule an appointment to view the house.
  • Introduce each other. When you first move into your new home, it may be a good idea to introduce yourself to neighbours and casually mention your pet. A small house-warming gift would be nice when you visit them, helps them to break the ice too.
  • Put together a pet resume or testimonial from a previous landlord. Dispel notions of your pet being an unruly creature with a pet resume that contains information about pet breed, age, vaccination, etc.
  • Offer a slightly bigger deposit as guarantee. On top of your 2 + 1 initial payment, you may want to add a little more deposit to reassure the landlord about the impossibility of little BooBoo the Pomeranian suddenly deciding to tear down his 2BR condo unit.
  • Pledge your loyalty. Reassure your landlord that you will be a long-term tenant in exchange for making his property a pet-friendly one.
  • And lastly, put you and your pet’s charming self to work. It doesn’t hurt or cost anything to smile and generally be a nice neighbour. There’s an art of living without friction with your neighbours, and it all starts with a smile.

One way to narrow down your search time for pet-friendly condos is to make a beeline towards expat neighbourhoods in Klang Valley such as:

Bonus! Pet-friendly parks you may visit with your fluffy balls of love.

Now that you’re learning how to settle into a new high-rise residence with your pets, you should also think about your furry-legged loved ones getting some well-deserved exercise. There are lovely pet-friendly parks you and your furry creatures can have a good walk in, Just don’t forget to pick up after your them!

Desa Parkcity Waterfront: I’ve been to this park numerous times and the serenity emanating from this place never failed to amaze me. Take a stroll on a beautiful day and you’d likely come across people flying their vibrant kites and socializing with fellow pet owners.

Pets Pavilion, Setia Eco-park, Shah Alam: A little more than half an hour’s drive from the city centre, this special park features more activities than your pet can shake its paw at. The 3.15 acres park has been well-designed with an obstacle run, play pond and bathing area to truly invoke joy in your four-legged friends. If you’re lucky, you may even stumble onto a pet show or contest there.

Central Park, Bandar UtamaBesides being the site where the pivotal “I Want to Touch a Dog” event was held three years ago (mad props to social activist Syed Azmi for being its mastermind), Central Park has long been one of the more pet-friendly parks in Malaysia. With its lush greenery and scenic lake, this neighbourhood haven draws people and is very much popular not only with pet owners but also with families and picnickers.

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