Lighting up your life

Lighting up your life

The lighting in a home can change the mood of the room just as it does the perceived size of the room. The use of lighting can add or subtract from overall colours of a room or from only those surfaces the light is meant to enhance. Here are some DIY ideas of how to enhance the mood in your home via recyclable products!

Lighting up bottles
Rather than throwing away empty bottles, reuse them to create this wonder of antique-ish lighting. This project involves working with glass and electricity, and it is very dangerous, hence extra caution is advised.

Branching out the rustic lights
While rustic is defined as simple, artless or even unsophisticated in dictionaries, if rustic styles are incorporated into the interior design, the results could be extraordinary. It’s so rustic, it’s chic and artistic. Reuse broken branches from your garden, cure them and set it hanging from your ceiling with the lighting of your choice!

Dreaming on Cloud 9
This design works great as a night light. Combining miniature LED’s and reused pillow cotton, this lighting design looks as if there are clouds in your own room.

Mason Chandeliers
Do you have one too many used mason jars lying around in your store with no use for them? Convert them into this minimalistic but wonderful kitchenstyle chandelier with its light-hearted charm that warms up any space.

Sieving on a shade
Bored with conventional lamps in your house? Go for a more vintage look! Reuse a sieve, colander, or even a strainer to produce a lampshade to hang over tables, counters or hallways.