Life expectancy of your home appliances and materials

We rarely take into account the life expectancy of appliances and materials in our home. Although just like our clothes, they largely depend on the extent of use.

Home appliances get changed long before they reach their expiration date because there’s always something more stylish or high tech in the market that we want. However, materials like flooring and cabinets get taken for granted and often become worse for wear before we know it.

Appliances, 7 to 11 years

If you’re about to shop around for a new stove or if you’re wondering if that sound coming from your washing machine is a cry for help, then you should know how long it is expected to last. It’s important to look out for signs of wear and tear because some of them could be hazardous. For instance, a stove with a malfunctioning burner can lead to gas leaks in the household. Knowing the average life cycle of products can help you plan ahead and start shopping around for a new product before you actually need it, saving you money.


Flooring, 25 to more than 100 years

We often pick flooring based on current trends or materials that seem aesthetically pleasing. Little do we know that regardless of price, some last longer than others and are sturdier. Picking cheap tiles for your home can prove to be bad as they’re often made out of low-quality materials, leading to cracking and chipping that can injure your feet.

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Cabinets and countertops, 50 to more than 100 years

No home is complete without cabinets and storage units to keep the space clean and organised. Kitchen countertops are also an essential part of every home because, well, food is life but it’s important to know when they’ve had enough. Cabinets made out of low-quality wood or fiberboard can break off with no warning, causing not only damage to your belongings but also your walls. Replacing them before they falter means spending less money in the long run.



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