It’s time to get on these interior design trends for 2018


Even if you’re not one to chase trends, some of these design ideas and concepts are simply too stylish and practical to pass up on.

Pick and choose whichever trends to follow, but be forewarned, you will see these everywhere this year!

1. Organics

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Just when you think you saw the word ‘greenery’ a lot in 2017, you’ll be seeing more of it in 2018. It isn’t just plants or the colour that will explode in 2018, but anything with an organic or natural feel. Natural stone, wood, rattan, leather, and any natural product. It’s a good way to stay in touch with the zen ambience of nature while living in the city.

2. Large and comfy

Forget petite furniture that will have you sitting cross-legged on. Instead, opt for sofas with large cushions and plenty of lounging space. To add to comfort levels, the year will also see rich textures for soft furnishings like pillows, sheets, rugs, and curtains.

3. Rich textures

Speaking of rich textures, velvets from 2017 are here to stay. They fall within a glamorous theme of textures that are vintage with a contemporary style update. Besides velvet, expect to see shiny and glossy surfaces, brass metals, and dark wood.

4. Form with function

Just like how we’re ditching furniture that isn’t comfortable, 2018 interior design will also see more functional furniture: mobile, modular, and multi-purpose. Consider a feature wall with statement wall shelving or a modular coffee table that can be mixed and match with smaller side tables. While minimalistic designs can remain, their functions should be more than basic.

5. More light

Large windows with minimalistic designs instantly modernise the home. Plus, natural light will make the home appear airier and more welcoming. Besides natural light, there’ll be a lot of focus on statement lighting. The right chandelier or statement floor, wall, or ceiling light can really upgrade a room.

6. Creative wallpaper


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Wallpapers are coming back in a big way. Instead of minimalistic designs, 2018 will call for more creative wallpaper. Our advice? Start shopping and deciding on which wall in the home will get this makeover!

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