Interior designer myths that almost had you fooled


Plagued by stereotypes and misconceptions, interior designers don’t have it easy. From being stuck up, exorbitant, and unnecessary, they’ve heard it all.

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We help debunk these myths and tell you exactly what interior designers can do for your space.

1. Not just interior decorators

Many often think an interior designer’s job is just to decorate a space to make it aesthetically pleasing. Wrong. Interior decorators are those who do the job of style consultants and make your bare home pleasing to the eye while interior designers give your space life.

Often trained with architectural knowledge and fundamental information on construction and style, designers are the ones who help turn your dream home into a reality. Interior designers can help increase the market rate of your home as the aesthetics of a space will help bring traffic to your property, if and when you’re looking to sell. Their knowledge helps them have solid ideas of space and purpose while keeping to trends and pleasing visuals.

PS: You probably bought your home or unit based on a show house designed by an interior designer.

2. Contractors can do what interior designers do

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Contractors and interior designers don’t have the same job scope. Contractors build or remodel the physical aspects of your space based on the design and advice provided by interior designers.

The latter provides plans and designs that have been specifically curated to the lifestyle, functionality and budget of the property. It’s always best to keep these two jobs separate, allocating better focus on design and construction.

3. It’s too expensive

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False! While hiring interior designers is an added cost, you save money in the long run. Avoid design mistakes, unnecessary costly materials, and wasted time.

The interior designer acts as a project manager that tunes the finer details, making sure your home is impeccably built while sticking to your budget. IDs work closely with contractors to make sure the renovation goes smoothly, that timelines are met, and that vendors (e.g. tile providers) deliver the necessary materials that fulfil quality standards.

4. Their way or the highway

Afraid you will lose your personal style? Interior Designers are stereotyped as style sticklers. Although some of them might be, many are driven to help you create your own dream space. helps you decide on which designer best fits your personal preferences as you can view an array of portfolios and design ideas before making your decision. The site also allows you to pick your budget and request for free quotes from preferred interior designers, simplifying the process while staying true to your aesthetic!

5. DIY is doable

If you’re creative and have an eye for design, there’s no harm in pitching your ideas and trying to materialise them but many things can go wrong. Things like installing your own tiles and windows can be tricky and time-consuming. If done wrong, they could be hazardous; imagine chipped tiles and faulty windows.

Vendors and distributors often offer cheaper rates to interior designers who are repeat customers, so IDs can save you so much hassle and money! We suggest you treat your new project as a collaboration instead of a one man show.

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