8 ways to achieve an expensive looking interior on a low budget


Who wouldn’t want their house to look trendy and stylish? Here’s how you can score a picture-perfect home without splurging.

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Instead of designing a template starter home, consider these tips on achieving a luxurious space while on a budget.

1. Shop online

If you’ve seen something that you like but it’s above your budget, turn to the internet. There are always deals, discounts, and sales awaiting you. Various sites like Naiise, 3 little picks, and Lazada feature a wide range of homeware, furniture, and décor pieces that will strike your fancy at affordable prices.

Plus, you can always wait for a festive season sale to enjoy extra discount.

2. Upcycled goods

Salvaged items have a lot of personalities, often without the higher price tag. Go on an antique shopping adventure at flea markets and thrift stores to find unique pieces that can upgrade the look and feel of your space. Some pieces may be more worn out, but take the time to repaint or replace parts like handles or hinges and you’ll find yourself with a statement piece for your home.

3. Makeover your stuff

If you want to follow trends but don’t have the budget, consider refurbishing your existing pieces. If you have a basic dresser, give it an upgrade with custom colours and knobs to make it feel like a personalised piece. The velvet fabric trend is all the craze right now and furniture pieces featuring the material have sky-rocketed. Replicate the look by picking a similar but more affordable fabric like suede and have pieces like an armchair reupholstered.

4. Art décor

Art has the ability to transform the look and feel of a space. If you want to achieve the high style look, incorporate art pieces like paintings, sculptures and murals into your home. Art does not have to come with a hefty price tag, you can always shop for local art pieces or even display your kid’s art in a creative way.

5. Focus on fabrics

When it comes to home styling, fabrics make a difference. Put more thought into the colour palette and style of your curtains, table cloths, and carpets. For instance, with curtains, consider options with draping and in a hue that marries well with the colour of your walls and furniture. A space will look more put together when its furnishings complement each other.

6. Double-duty pieces

Multi-purpose furniture like these MOCOF ones are a great addition to any home, they’re cost-efficient and space-efficient! Think ottomans that can work as storage and a makeshift tray table or a pullout couch that can give you a cosy seat during the day and a place to snooze at night.

7. Upgrade lighting

One easy way to upgrade your entire room without breaking the bank is to change up your indoor lighting. The type, style, and shape of your lights can instantly upgrade your home.

8. Get professional help

Hiring an interior designer is a good option when you want an overhaul that will make sense for your lifestyle, and that won’t cause irreparable damage and more money in the long run. Interior designers will work with your budgets and industry connections to get you high style decor and furniture for low prices.

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This article was originally published as 8 Ways to Achieve an Expensive Looking Interior on a Low Budget by atap.co and is written by Lydia Lohshini.