16 exquisite living room designs in Malaysia


The living room is a key room in every home: it’s a place where friends and family gather and converse.

That’s why the design of this room is so important. A good living room layout will encourage interaction while the right furniture will ensure comfortable use for longer periods.

If you’re looking for a beautiful living room design, then make sure to check out these Malaysian homes!

For a fail-proof design, go for blacks, whites, greys, and wooden colours and texture.

For a clean, contemporary design, opt for a mostly-white living room. Take note of the higher maintenance needs of a light-coloured, though!

Your living room doesn’t have to revolve around a TV. These vintage living rooms with beautiful seating and an inviting rug is a good setting for great conversations.

As the living space is often the largest area in the home, take the opportunity to infuse more colours, textures, and bold pieces!

Project: Concerto, North Kiara

The oldest and most reliable trick in the book of design: keep your wall, flooring, and built-ins neutral, then accessorise with bold colours!

This living room design is the perfect example of symmetry. While the L-shaped couch makes for an asymmetrical corner, the empty side is furnished with an armchair and an attention-grabbing floor lamp.

Yet another example of symmetry and perfect colour-coordination!

Scale is important when choosing your furniture. A large living room calls for larger furniture and vice versa.

If you’re designing a second living space that’s just meant for the family, use darker colours, plush rugs, and curtains that absorb sound for cosy movie nights.

Fans of industrial design can turn to exposed brick, concrete features, and upcycled wooden palette furniture to achieve the look.

This minimalistic Scandinavian living area features artwork, throw pillows, and furniture that are cohesive and attractive.

This article was originally published as 16 Exquisite Living Room Designs in Malaysia by atap.co and is written by Charmaine Kon.