Modern industrial transformation refines the spaces of this terrace house

This terrace house in Petaling Jaya underwent a stunning makeover envisioned by the team at Amorphous Design, who transformed its exterior and interior into more appealing spaces. With different areas within the home beautifully transformed, let’s hear what the designers themselves have to say about the stunning work created.

The design is centralized around a courtyard as the focal point of the house with other spaces revolving around it. To provide natural shade, the rear of the house is built taller and the front of the courtyard is kept as single storey to allow the penetration of natural light; This balance of the two masses creates a simple and modern yet interesting space for the home. The courtyard is covered with skylight that allows natural light to flow into the house, interweaving the indoor spaces with the external.

Industrial materials such as bricks, concrete and steels were exploited while the original walls and trusses are retained to structure the functionality of interior layout in elaborated textures. The traces of deteriorated walls and trusses are preserved to retain its pervious history and the concrete roof tiles are restored to amplify the traces of history. To warm up the industrial vibe, red bricks are reused throughout the house to form the backdrop wall, while the brick and fair-faced concrete walls help anchor the new and old elements.

The highlight of the house is the way these spaces flow freely into one another and in-and-out of nature through the courtyard. The living space gets a view of the courtyard, a large portion of the dining area and a glimpse of the master bedroom on the first floor. The indoor and outdoor spaces are seamlessly connected across greens and blues via concrete and glass and across different levels. One is always part of the house as the spaces are subtly blurred between the inside and exterior.

The staircase connecting the lower and upper floor springs from a solid concrete base with concrete steps continuously cast to create a seamless journey. This is set against a screen of horizontal metal structure that continue to form the skylight above. A bold galvanized steel handrail and expressive pendant lights add drama to the staircase. To the outsider, the view across the courtyard is enigmatic as the shadow that will be caste on the walls reveal a glimpse of the inside.

The interiors and furniture pieces are planned to be simple and fuss-free, looking effortless in its place. The combination of these elements are designed especially for our client, given his background and lifestyle, to encompass an ideal balance of modernity and tradition.

The elegance of the design of this home lies in its simplicity.

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