Inside Trump’s Modest Childhood Home

Inside Trump’s Modest Childhood Home

His childhood home however, is surprisingly humble.

The house which Trump grew up in with his four siblings is a five-bedroom, four-bathroom home that went on the market in July. The auction is set for September 18.

The current owner clearly hopes the celebrity connection will be a selling point for this property. 

The listing declares the home as the “birthplace of presidential candidate Donald Trump”.

The New York house is located in Queens and is on the market for $US1.399 million.

Despite the location and the Trump connection, the property has been re-listed twice in the past three months.

The vendors initially put it up for sale at $US1.65 million, before lowering the asking price to $US1.55 million in August.

The Brick Tudor-style house features a large basement, a fireplace in the living room, and space for a growing family.

The house may have a prestigious postcode, but it is no 5th Avenue Penthouse.


The house may have a prestigious post code, but it’s no 5th Avenue penthouse.

Trump lived there until his early teens, having left home at 13 to attend a military boarding school. 

Trump is now worth an estimated $US4.5 billion.


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