How to Be a Good Malaysian Neighbour

How to Be a Good Malaysian Neighbour

For some, having a neighbour doesn’t really have much impact on their lives. It’s just a bunch of other people that happens to live near them. If you feel exactly this way towards your neighbours, then you are also probably the kind of person that like to mind your own business and doesn’t feel the need to mingle. If you are that kind of person, STOP! Building a good relationship with the people next door may prove to be tremendously helpful. You don’t have to be BFF’s or anything, but being nice to your neighbour has more pros than cons to it. Let’s go over some details on how you can be a better neighbour yourself, and in turn maybe find someone that can take care of your cat while you’re on your honeymoon.


Annoying neighbours? Be kind

Find out why they are annoying. If they are noisy (specifically ones living in apartments), ask them super nicely to turn down the volume a notch. If you’re a victim of the gossip queen(or king), ask them super nicely to not talk bad about people, or just super nicely let the gossip flow from your left ear and out the right. If they feel that they need to invade your personal space, ask them super nicely to not do so.


Get Acquainted

The next time you find yourself in the lift with your neighbour, exchange some pleasant words and small talk. Let them know who you are and that you and him/her are definitely neighbours. If you’re moving in a new place, rustle up some chips, dips and drinks and have a neighbourly house-warming party. The point is that getting acquainted with your neighbour is definitely a step in the right direction.



Help your neighbour when you think they need it, and please do it sincerely. Favours like watering their plants while they are  away or lifting the new sofa for their living room is really not that hard to do. By helping them it gives them the feel to help you if need be. Of course in helping your neighbours also comes the ‘line’. The perfect segue to my next point which is to…


Know Your Limits!

The ‘line’ refers to that invisible partition which separates you from being a good neighbour and a bad one. First thing’s first, never ask your neighbour to lend you money as it is  the ultimate deal breaker. Just think along the line of not doing to other people what you don’t want people do to you. Another thing is  not to ask inappropriate (personal) questions. It’s rude..


Respect, Respect, Respect

You know I’m being serious when I repeat a word three times. I’ve said earlier that it is a good idea to ask the person next door to quiet down a few ticks if you find them noisy, but try to identify the noise they are making first! Be a bit understanding when it’s a baby crying, or when the noise is because of religious beliefs. Small talks in the lift should only be small talks and not a prying session.Be civil in handling sticky situations and never raise your voice so that the cleaners five floors down can hear you.

Good relationship with your neighbours is always  a good thing. It is essential to have such relationships because they are a part of your life just as much as you are to them. I am curious to know how you are with your neighbour, my good reader. Do comment below and share a few good, neighbourly stories with us!