Water disruption again? Here’s what you need to know

klang valley water disruption

Source: Malay Mail Online

Water cuts can be a pain, we know. To make your life slightly easier, we’ve put together 6 tips to help you get through this dry spell with no sweat.

As all of you may have heard, Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) made an announcement late Tuesday night that the three-day water supply disruption for emergency repair work at the Sungai Selangor Phase 3 Water Treatment Plant (SSP3) has been extended due to a surge vessel system burst. Much to the dismay of those living in the 427 areas in Petaling, Klang, Shah Alam, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Langat and Hulu Selangor that are affected by the prolonged water disruption, the unfortunate incident took place just as the plant was about to resume operations, causing serious injuries to the staffs on site.

Surge vessel system burst Klang Valley

A surge vessel system burst at the Selangor Phase 3 Water Treatment Plant (SSP3)    Source: SYABAS

To temporarily alleviate the misery of those affected, 79 water tanker lorries and 10 jumbo water tanker lorries will be deployed to nine local service centres that will be in operations for 24 hours until the water supply is fully restored.  Location of the local service centres can be obtained from Air Selangor’s Facebook page.

As someone who used to live in USJ, an area constantly affected by water rationing exercise during the dry seasons, I understand the distress of those affected. There was a point where the water disruption was happening so frequently that I contemplated digging a well behind our apartment. Luckily my survival instincts kicked it during these critical times and, throughout the years I’ve devised creative methods and ways to survive the water shortage to avoid leaving a trail of pungent odour wherever I went. Short of filling up every pail, container, bathtub, pot and water bottle you have at home, here are some hacks that will help make the ordeal a little more bearable.


1. Stock up on wet wipes

Use wet wipes to minimise water usage

Use wet wipes to minimise water usage

You’d be surprised how much of water this small moistened piece of paper can save you. You can use them for every conceivable cleaning and hygiene related occasion: make-up traces removal, cleaning your hands after a meal, deodorising your under-arms, and surprise, surprise, cleaning  your delicate areas. They are also handy for cleaning the surface of your table and utensils after a meal.

2. Keep hand sanitizers handy


Hand sanitisers help to reduce the risk of contracting harmful diseases.

As we all know, lack of water, inadequate sanitation and water contamination are the perfect ingredients to concocting some of the most life-threatening waterborne diseases. Therefore, it becomes highly crucial to keep your hygiene up during these few days. Hand sanitizers that contain 60% to 95% alcohol are effective in decreasing infectious agents on the hands when water and soap are not readily available. If you are a certified klutz and you find yourself staining your clothes that can otherwise still be perfectly good for one more wear, you’d be surprised at how excellently hand sanitizer works at removing stains without having to use your stored water.

3. Use disposable everything

Use em’ and chuck em’.

From paper plates to plastic utensils, you’d want to stock up on things that you can just toss away without the need for washing. Keep hotel disposable toothbrushes handy too, when you’re done polishing your choppers you can rinse with mouthwash instead of water for that minty fresh boost.

4. Invest in a rain water harvesting system (RWH)

Collecting rain water in a pail.

Collecting rainwater in a pail.

Being Malaysian, we coil at the idea of installing a RWH system due to the perception that it would cost us an arm, and maybe a leg too. Obviously, iPhone 10 is far more important. The fact is, RWH installation can cost anywhere from RM2000 to RM 10,000 depending on factors such as the tank size, the installation location and the usage of pump and filter for the system. When it comes down to it, it’s a small price to pay in a long run for uninterrupted water supply especially during times like these, especially for high-rise developments.

5. Start embracing technology

Embracing technology during water disruption

Order your sustenance via Uber Eats.

With the availability of food delivery Apps such as Uber Eats and Food Panda, long gone are the days where water disruption means you have to rely on canned foods and dry bread to keep alive.  Choose from hundreds of restaurants outside of the affected area, and tap to add it to your cart. Before you know it, that ‘tapau-ed’ ‘char koay teow’ would be waiting at your front door.

6. Maximize the usage of your gym membership

Make full use of your gym shower.

Make full use of your gym shower.

If you’re a passport membership holder of a fitness club, this is the time to get your money’s worth. You may have to drive a little further outside of the affected areas, but once you’ve scrubbed down and are all squeaky clean from your shower it will all be worth it. P.S: You should bring along an empty bottle or two to take home with you.