Here’s why dual-purpose beds are gaining popularity in Malaysian bedrooms


These Malaysian bedrooms prove that you can save space while maintaining the look of a modern bedroom.

When floor space is prime real estate, dual-purpose furniture is the perfect solution as they’re not only space-saving and aesthetically pleasing, they’re also a good bang for your buck.

This small contemporary bedroom features a bed frame with large under-storage space for shoes, books, bed linen, and more.

When you lack floor space, it’s always best to design compact and functional furniture. Take this bedroom for example, the bed frame includes drawers while the foot of the bed extends into a study table.

This bed frame features storage and built-in his and her bedside tables. You don’t have to go out looking for tables that complement your bed with this bed frame.

For a more minimalistic design, this customised bed frame with storage embodies the theme of the rest of the home.

Sometimes designing a bedroom for children can be a challenging task. This is especially tricky when working with small spaces. Take notes from this bedroom that fused the bedframe with a study table.

You’ve definitely seen this loft-style bed frame before, but not many homes opt for this space-saving hack. With an elevated bed, you open up floor space for a study table and wardrobe.

We can’t tell you enough how we love this Scandinavian style bedroom. To make way for a living room and a bedroom in this tiny studio unit, the interior designers opted to create a couch that doubles as a queen-sized bed!

The creative interior designers behind this project surely outdid themselves with this contemporary kids bedroom. They worked with minimal space to create a loft-style bed frame that has storage, a study table, and a cosy nook to sleep in.

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