Heading for a long vacation? Make sure not to forget these things


There’s nothing like a getaway to leave behind your work, worries, and gasp – running stove!

With holiday season coming soon, we rounded up 10 things you need to do before leaving your home so you can get that peace of mind and return with your home intact.

1. Hold all mail and deliveries

If you’re receiving newspapers or mail on a daily basis, then it’s best to hold your deliveries until you return home. You wouldn’t want them piling up at the entrance of your home. What more, it becomes a clear indicator that no one is home, tagging your home for burglars.

2. Tend to your garden

If your home has a garden or a lawn, make sure it is well kept while you are away. Arrange for someone to cut your grass or tend to your greenery. Another red flag or indicator that no one’s home, is an unkempt garden. Messy exterior = vacant interior.

3. Relocate your spare key

Most of us keep a spare key outside our home in case we ever forget or misplace our own. We suggest you relocate or even remove your spare key to prevent outsiders from finding them and gaining easy access into your home. Just remember where you’ve hidden it or if you’re removing it, remember to have a set of keys with you on your trip! Even better, leave a spare set with a family member or friend.

4. Invest in spotlights or timer lights

Even you would think a home is empty (or maybe even haunted) if there are no lights inside, especially at night. Spotlights, often kept outside the home, are triggered by movement so you can scare potential robbers off with that sudden burst of light.

Timers are a better investment as you would be able to set the lights in your home to switch on and off at scheduled times, mimicking your lighting habits when you are home.

5. Turn off water supply

This may seem unnecessary since there wouldn’t be anyone at home to use it but imagine having leaks or a burst pipe while you’re away. You wouldn’t want to come home to an indoor swimming pool, now would you?

6. Clear out fridge

We’re all guilty of keeping perishable food in the fridge and returning home to that ungodly smell of rotting food. Instead of coming back to that nasty surprise, clean out your fridge before leaving. Even if you think your food is safe in the fridge, you’d have to take into account power outage as well.

7. Take out the trash

Always remember to clear bins from all the rooms in your home. You want to come back to a clean and fresh smelling home, not one with festering rubbish. Who wants to return from a holiday only to start cleaning, right?

8. Switch off appliances

Switch off and unplug all your electronics before you leave your home. Not only does this conserve energy while you’re gone, it will also prevent electrical fires.

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9. Pay bills

Be sure to pay off all your amenity bills or schedule automatic payments to prevent service cut-offs. You definitely don’t want to go through the hassle of late fees and having to reconnect these services.

10. Tell someone

Always inform your family or close friends about your trip, and how they can get in touch with you. If possible, arrange for someone to check on your home every once in awhile. If you have a neighbourhood watch or community security, be sure to notify them so they can keep a closer eye on your home.

This article was originally published as Heading for a long vacation? Make sure not to forget these things by atap.co and is written by Lydia Lohshini.