John had long fretted about the safety of his property and the well-being of his family. Like most Malaysians, he is alarmed at the rising crime rates. He was especially worried now that he had heard that some of his neighbours had been burgled. In broad daylight as well. But he was more worried that his wife, an avowed technophobe, and his young children may find alarm system too confusing.

However, a quick search online led him to Bluguard’s website, which offered a large array of alarm systems to suit various needs. A call later and John and his family were being instructed by a Bluguard representative, on the many benefits of the Ximple wireless alarm system.

As the name implies, it is easy-to-use but, as the Bluguard representative pointed out, almost impossible to beat. This was music to John and his family as they did not want a system that confounded everyone. The first thing that the Bluguard representative noted was that both of John’s children were very adept at using their mobile phones. He coaxed them to show him their phones and he proceeded to download a number of Apps.


He showed how these Apps will allow them to control and monitor the alarm system. They could even add extra features just by scanning the relevant QR codes. “You can even customize your alarm system to meet your individual needs,” he explained. What was even more impressive was the array of gadgets that was included in the package.

For starters, there is the loud siren that would certainly notify the neighbours if there were intruders, if it didn’t scare them off the burglars in the first place. Then there were the compulsory window and door transmitters as well as motion detectors to ensure that none of them can be opened without the home owners being notified. Of course, there were indoor and outdoor cameras that relayed images to each family member’s mobile device.

John was also pleased to know that the Ximple wireless alarm system allowed for two-way communications via the indoor camera to his mobile phone. The video playback function was also a great way to keep an eye on the kids as it allowed both parents to see what they were doing, no matter where they were in the house, so long as a camera was installed in the section. John’s wife was quite happy to have a number of cameras installed as it was a wireless system, meaning there would no messy and unsightly wires protruding from every nook and cranny.


With low-battery notification and text messaging when there is power outage, John knew exactly when his alarm system was working or not. Such simple devices allowed him great peace of mind. The alarm clock and temperature monitoring functions were a bonus as was the child-lock feature. While he was keen that his children knew how to operate the alarm system, he had to ensure they did not mess with the settings. It seemed that Bluguard had indeed thought of everything with the Ximple wireless alarm system.

“This is just what I need. An alarm system that is effective and easy-to-use. Best of all, this Ximple wireless alarm system package is not extremely expensive,” said John, as he thanked Bluguard representative for the demonstration. It didn’t take long for John to conclude that the Ximple wireless alarm system was just what his family home needed. The fact that it was well within his budget was a fantastic bonus!