Flying Stars: Feng Shui for 2016

Flying Stars: Feng Shui for 2016

Another year is coming to pass and as the gentle and intellectual Year of the Wood Goat make its exit, it is time to make way for the Year of the Fire Monkey. The monkey is an intelligent, inquisitive and energetic animal, so we can expect a year full of drive, passion and creativity. As you occupy yourself with the preparations to welcome the Lunar New Year, it will be wise to check out the Flying Stars Feng Shui for 2016. As like every year, there will good and bad sectors to look out for. Identifying these sectors will allow you to maximise the potential of your homes and offices – bringing forth a more productive year.

The sector you would like to benefit from this year would be the Southwest sector which plays host to the #8 White Star. This is the Star that governs wealth and finances and as such should be used as frequently as possible to manifest prosperity and success. Having the main door located in this sector would be most beneficial as it denotes strong financial returns from investments, aside from alleviation in terms of reputation and career.

The East sector is considered the secondary wealth sector for 2016 as this is where the #9 Purple Star resides. Similarly, taking advantage of this sector should enable positive outcomes in matters relating to wealth and recognition as well as encouraging happy events. Additionally, it also favourable for those who are getting married or starting a family. To activate the auspicious effects of these two stars, consider placing Yang-natured objects such as televisions, fans and clocks in these sectors.

To support this, you should also consider using the Southeast sector in order to boost reputation and advancement in career. The #1 White Star occupies this sector and this also favours subjects relating to scholarly pursuits as well as romantic pursuits. However, you may want to look out for emotional troubles. The other two sectors which are favourable this year are West and South which are where the #4 Green and #6 White Stars reside respectively. The former is conducive for academic, literary, creative and romantic pursuits while the latter is supportive for authority, power and reputation.

Knowing about the positive sectors is great, but you should also play equal attention to the negative sectors as these are ones you should avoid using or activating for the rest of the year. The worst of these can be found at the Northeast sector, which is where the #5 Yellow is. Due to its association with unfavourable happenings such as accidents, misfortunes and injuries, do not perform any renovations in this sector. Even something as minor as hammering a nail in the wall could provoke and trigger its unsavoury consequences, so it is best to leave this sector silent and unused for the rest of the year. If avoidance is impossible, placing metallic objects made of brass or iron can help negate its negative effects.

The next sector to stay away from would be the North sector which plays host to the #7 Red Star which is associated with rivalry, robbery and loss of wealth. The main door found here can denote a strong likelihood of break-ins and burglary. Last but not least is the Northwest sector which is where the #3 Jade Star is located this year. This negative star is usually associated with arguments, gossip and stress. Triggering it could lead to conflicts and arguments, and to a worse extent, legal issues and lawsuits. Owing to this, it will be wise to leave this sector inactive.

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