5 first-home décor mistakes you’re probably guilty of

Practice makes perfect, and that’s why most first homes fall a little short.

If a design, colour, or piece of furniture in your nest is bothering you, it might just be one of these.

1. Everything is same same

You’re not the first person to fall in love with an Ikea showroom then think it harmless to buy everything and paste it into your home, only to realise that…your home looks like an Ikea showroom.

SOURCE: Ikea.com

When everything looks too similar, the home will lack personality and as a result, can feel a little clinical. Take your time to shop and fill your home; you don’t have to furnish the whole house at one go. Slowly add items to the home, especially unique pieces that you find while travelling or that you receive as gifts.

SOURCE: designsponge.com

2. All safe choices

The first time I went furniture shopping, I could hardly believe that a couch could cost RM5,000, and as couches go, isn’t counted expensive. As a result, it’s tempting to buy many budget-friendly pieces instead of investing in fewer expensive pieces. This misconception is a double whammy, as you’ll likely end up buying most of your furniture from the same budget-friendly store.

The same goes for bold choices like paint colours and large furniture pieces. You’re afraid that the room won’t come together, so you keep your walls, furniture, and décor neutral. This results in a neat home that probably doesn’t match your personality.

SOURCE: interiorsbystudiom.com

Instead, take the leap! Invest in one or two sturdy, expensive features (e.g. rug, wallpaper, headboard) and decorate the room around it. Likewise, include a bold feature (e.g. yellow wall, quirky chandelier) and leave the rest of the room neutral.

SOURCE: mydomaine.com

3. Wrong furniture size

You’ve just purchased a swanky new condominium, and your parents, bless their hearts, want to help you out with a hand-me-down sofa. The problem is that it’s way too chunky for your living room. As a result, your coffee and TV table have to be tiny, resulting in a really awkward furniture-to-furniture and furniture-to-room scale.

SOURCE: blog.havenly.com

Always measure your space and consider all your furniture together. A chunky piece will overshadow a slim and sleek piece, so make sure to keep the size of the items balanced. Smaller furniture for small rooms; bigger furniture for big rooms. It’s simple, yet often neglected advice!

4. Not lit enough

Most homes rely too much on a single direction lighting source which is mostly downlights. You’d be surprised how multiple source lighting can really influence the ambience of a room and highlight focal points.

SOURCE: biancaswohnlust.blogspot.cz

For the living room, add floor lamps, TV cabinet lights, or picture lights. For bedrooms, add table lamps or bed reading lights. There’s no point in decorating the home down to the finest details if you can’t see them!

5. Prioritising paint

You’ve had this amazing blue pinned in your ‘Dream Home’ board for the longest time. Now that you have your new home, you immediately paint your bedroom in that same shade. Once you’ve populated it with furniture and lighting though, you realise that the wall is too light/dark/bright/blue.

SOURCE: kellymartininteriors.com

Instead of choosing your paint colour first, ask for paint samples to paint a swatch and test it with your lighting. If samples are not available, then hold off on purchasing the paint. Instead, look around for furniture or décor pieces while you bookmark a few paint choices. You might just fall in love with the colourful decor that might clash with that blue wall.

This article was originally published as First-home décor mistakes you’re probably guilty of by atap.co and is written by Charmaine Kon.