Empty nest redecorating ideas

Empty nest redecorating ideas

Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your home:


Create a ‘Me’ space

Turn an empty den or living area into an area that you would enjoy spending time in – be it a luxurious office area or a whimsical tea room! Place a big modern desk by the window, hang the walls with artwork you have collected or go wild with throw pillows. Take that space for yourself – you will be sure to love it.


Your very own hobby room

A spare bedroom could be transformed into a space where you could carry out your leisure pursuits in the comfort of your own home. For instance, a home gym will serve well for health junkies and an arts and craft room will be a delightful addition for aspiring painters and potters.


Set up a hangout spot

This could score brownie points with your grandchildren or young guests. Invest in a Ping-Pong or pool table to be placed in a family room. Add in a drinks fridge, a big-screen TV, a sectional sofa, some beanies or even an indoor swing set. Guests will have tonnes of fun relaxing and you would enjoy just as much having fun with them!


A luxurious closet

A child’s old bedroom can also be transformed into a walk-in closet. All one would need is some shelving units, which could be easily set up by with a hammer and some nails. Throw in some decorative pieces such as a vanity table, mood lights and full-length mirrors – and dressing up will never be the same again.


A master bathroom

Upgrading that small room into a dream bathroom will be a great idea for those who enjoy spending time performing their daily ablutions. Create your very own resort-style bathroom with beautiful tiles, soothing wall paint, pretty light fixtures and perhaps even marble sinks. Don’t forget to include fluffy towels and amazing linens as well.