Elevate your rental bathroom with these reversible ideas


Renting a space can hinder you from achieving your dream Pinterest home

Although you may not be able to renovate the space, there are alternative, reversible ways to inject personality into the rooms.

The bathroom is a very personal space in the home, and it should be the first place to update and upgrade. Bid farewell to standard features and welcome a space that reflects you.

1. Fancy floors and walls

Bathrooms in residential units are often designed in plain, neutral colours. The typical white tiles that line your floors and walls make the space seem very clinical and generic when it actually is one of the most personal spaces of your home.

Upgrade: The hardest thing to change in rental units are the foundations so instead of re-tiling, try a reversible alternative. Tile decals add a refreshing and more personalised take to the space. These decals come in as many patterns and colours as you can imagine, so you can dress up the space to your liking.

2. Breath of fresh air

It can be difficult to think of ways you can fully utilise your bathroom to make it seem presentable, especially if it is a guest bathroom. Since it is only a rental unit, you wouldn’t want to spend a ton of money on décor that may not suit the aesthetic of your next space.

Upgrade: Plants are a great décor alternative to any bathroom and trust us, they blend well into any aesthetic. Greens thrive in moisture-rich rooms, making the bathroom a perfect location. Don’t worry about sunlight as some indoor plants require very little exposure to the sun. Plants will instantly warm up and give life to the room, all without costing you big bucks. Our go-to choice are succulents as they can thrive even in the harshest of environments.

3. Show me the mirror

A bathroom in new rental units normally only features basic fixtures like the sink, toilet, and shower. Even if the unit has been lived in, the mirror in the bathroom is often a basic square or rectangular shape with no added storage or design.

Upgrade: Mirrors can do wonders for a space. It can add a distinctive charm to your bathroom. Don’t settle on basic designs think rustic wooden frames, geometric shapes, or join the oversized mirror trend.

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4. Fun with fabrics

SOURCE: ikea.com

Nothing adds character to a space than colours and patterns. Use your bare rental bathroom like a blank canvas and unleash your inner Picasso. You can easily achieve this without changing the fittings or spending a bomb.

Upgrade: Give your bathroom a new identity by adding fabrics in any colour or pattern of your choice. Bright towels, fun bathmats, and eccentric shower curtains are prime examples of how you can upgrade your bathroom.

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This article was originally published as Elevate your rental bathroom with these reversible ideas by atap.co and is written by Lydia Lohshini.