Decorating your home according to your zodiac sign


Should your star sign influence the way you decorate your home? According to astrologer Yasmin Boland, astrology could be the key to helping you set up your perfect sanctuary.

Whether you like a calming home to chill in or you’re more of a design aficionado who wants a place to entertain in, we’re all looking for a home that speaks to our personality.

Yasmin Boland, astrologer and author, says taking your decorating cues from the stars will work with who you are and the type of lifestyle that suits your vibe.

“If you’re a Scorpio in a clinical high-tech Aquarius house you’re probably going to feel quite strange,” says Yasmin.

“And if you’re an organised hardworking Capricorn and you come back to the mess in a Cancer’s house, you’re probably going to spend your life cleaning up.”


It turns out your star sign could provide inspiration for decorating your home. Picture: Getty

To ensure you’re living your best life, we chatted to Yasmin about what interiors suit each star sign.

Please note that as well as reading up on your sign, you should also consider taking cues from your rising sign.

Capricorns like pieces that are built to last

As well as gravitating towards darker colours, Capricorn is also about good quality pieces that are going to stand the test of time.

“Capricorn is all about good quality, so you will find they gravitate to sturdy materials such as metal, steel and good-quality wood,” says Yasmin.

“Pieces that would work well are beautiful art they can hold onto for years or things that are built to last.”

Aquarius wants a high-tech home

Yasmin reveals that Aquarius is the early adapter who has features that people don’t understand for a decade and then suddenly everyone’s doing what they tried long ago.

“Aquarius are very progressive and fashion-forward. Either they’ll go down the route where they have fairy lights and everything everywhere and they’re really eclectic and crazy,” says Yasmin.

“Or they can be quite tech orientated as well. They can also be the people that decide to turn their house into a smart home with the Nest function that allows them to switch on their heating remotely – and everything is done via remote control.”

Pisces are partial to homes that flow

As a water sign, Pisces is strongly emotional and are associated with the colour blue.

Yasmin says think pictures of the beach or seashells.

“They also tend to be very good homemakers probably because they’re quite artistic and they’re quite spiritual as well,” says Yasmin.

Spiritual paraphernalia – think statues of buddhas, or goddesses or things like that – work well here.

“Pisces tend to make very beautiful, soft and flowing houses. Big comfy sofas are great and a nice home that feels very welcoming is key,” she adds.


Open plan living is perfect for Pisces. Picture:

Aries do well in a home that is vibrant

Ruled by the planet Mars, Yasmin explains that Aries appreciate vibrant things and they are strongly associated with the colour red.

“Quite often Aries will gravitate towards things that feel vibrant like reds, oranges, yellows, and things that feel hot,” says Yasmin.

“If you live with a partner that like beiges or more neutral colours, you can always go for an accent of red in the kitchen or a kitchen appliance.”

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Taurus love to be surrounded by natural things

As an Earth sign, Taurus will respond well to natural fabrics, good flow between the indoors and outdoors and even bringing a touch of the outdoors in.

“Things like really good-quality cotton sheets, maybe hemp or jute cushion, 100% cotton fabrics, and natural dyes are great for Taurus,” says Yasmin.

“Taurus really love indoor-outdoor as well, so if you can bring the indoor and outdoor together, then that’s great as well as they love a bit of fresh air.”

Gemini respond well to adaptable things

It’s no secret that Gemini is renowned for enjoying change and versatility, which means they need items that can adapt to allow them to mix things up.

“Things like reversible fabric covers, a modular sofa so that you can change the configuration – things that you can keep changing are ideal,” says Yasmin.

“Things like tablecloths, placemats and things you can add that are going to give things a different look depending on the day and occasion are also great.”

Cancer needs space for the whole family

As the sign of the home, Cancer loves family and that means they need space for everyone.

“Anything like a big table they can fit lots of family members, a big kitchen and lots of cooking stuff is always going to be good for them as they love cooking and they love having friends and family over,” says Yasmin.

But don’t be fooled, we’re not saying it’s that they love entertaining and need a house set up for this.

“They more just like being with the family,” explains Yasmin.

“It’s really that the emphasis is on ‘I don’t care if I’m sitting on a picnic rug or whatever, as long as I am with my family’.”

It’s also worth noting, Cancer doesn’t like clutter and would do well to have a good bath or swimming pool as they love to have a good old soak.

Leo is all about the glam at home

Leo is more the entertainer and they are also the very flash star sign.

“Leo wants everything to look very glamourous. They also want good lighting, so they look good all of the time,” says Yasmin.

“They are not going to want cheap stuff – they want expensive stuff that makes them look good. For example, they love an enormous television, showing everyone how successful they are by its size.”

Virgo favour simplicity over complexity

Virgo has simple tastes and is not really bothered by being flashy, they just want order she says.

“Ideally they like things that match perfectly or mismatch perfectly. A bit like the other earth signs, they quite like natural things, but they also really like things you can stack and put away.

“They’re very orderly and they like things to be where they are meant to be. They like things they are simple, go together and are not flashy, stackable, kind of natural and on the non-toxic side. And easy to clean is really important for them as well.

“They are all about filing and always have to have things neatly filed away. And they like things away in cupboards so they don’t get dusty,” she says.

Libra like the finer things in life

Being the star sign that has good taste and likes the finer things in life, a Libra’s house is sure to dazzle.

“Libra likes expensive things and has very good taste, so they decorate nice houses. It always going to be quite expensive too,” says Yasmin.

“They are also very much about harmony, so they’re always going to have a house that feels harmonious so it has a happy feeling.”


Libra loves the finer things in life. Picture: Erinna Giblin

Scorpio like a home with a sensual touch

Known as the sign that is very sensual, you’ll most likely find Scorpio will do well in space that plays up to this side.

“Scorpio will want to make the home quite sensual. Things like silk sheets, a big bed and a good-sized bedroom – so you can fit all of the things for your nocturnal activities in,” says Yasmin.

“Scorpios also like silks, organza and fabrics that are going to give off quite a sensual feel.”

Sagittarius like things from far-flung places

“Sagittarius is all about travelling and likes to bring things home with them from their travels. They will go for things that are exotic and reminders of adventures had far away,” says Yasmin.

If you’re a Sagittarius that hasn’t been able to travel as much as you’d like to, then photographs or painting of where you want to go in the big wide world will be great for you.

“Sagittarius is also into studying and teaching – so you’ll want a few bookshelves as you’re always trying to expand your mind with books,” she adds.

This article was originally published as Decorating your home according to your zodiac sign by written by Alexandra O’Brien

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