Christmas Cheat Sheet: 7 Beautiful Christmas Tree Alternatives You Can DIY in December

Christmas Cheat Sheet: 7 Beautiful Christmas Tree Alternatives You Can DIY in December

One of the most pivotal things to shop for before Christmas arrives is a Christmas tree. Living here in this tropical Southeast Asian country, getting our hands on a beautiful pine tree may not be as effortless (or cost-effective) as you think.

Fortunately, we have a good dose of creativity to make up for the lack of authentic pine trees (besides, we sure could do without the constant sweeping of pine needles off the carpet). Here are some alternative Christmas tree you’ll have fun DIY-ing this festive season.


1. Polka dot tree

At first glance, this polka dot tree may look like the brainchild of an OCD but do take heart, it doesn’t have to be so immaculate. The fun part of this project is to gather multicolored polka dot decals and have an amazing time shaping them the way you would a Christmas tree. After New Year, just peel them off and voila, zero mess!

Christmas tree decal – Source:


2. Ladder Christmas tree

This takes the award for the Most Hipster Tree of all time, guaranteed to please the indie soul in us. As for your in-laws…

Ladder Christmas tree – Source:


3. Wrapping paper Christmas tree

“Oh look, honey, we’ve a bunch of wrapping paper lying around. Can you transform them into a Christmas tree, please?” Yes, dear, done and done.

Wrapping paper Christmas tree – Source:


4. A Christmas tree made out of dead trees

A bookworm’s delight! This Christmas tree will please everyone (except for the owner of the books you were “borrowing”) with its ingenious design.

Bookish Christmas tree – Source:


5. Scrap wood Christmas tree

Upcycle time! You know those wood pallets beneath the bed that almost collapsed when Cousin Albert came to visit? Yep, finally they can be put to good use.

Scrap wood Christmas tree – Source:


6. Washi tape Christmas tree

Washi tape is like, the best thing that was ever invented since double-sided tape! You can find it in most craft stores for cheap. Creating the Christmas tree however, is priceless. 🙂

Washi tape Christmas tree – Source:


7. Festive fridge

This isn’t a Christmas tree but we ab-so-lutely need to feature this ingenious snowman sitting right in your kitchen!

Festive fridge –