Budget remodelling ideas to take on in 2018


Improve the form and function of your home without having to spend an arm and a leg.

These quick and easy remodel ideas are a great way to give your space a facelift without having to spend a lot of money. Although they are cheap upgrades, we guarantee you they will look anything but.

1. Wainscoting for the win

Want to spruce up a corner of your home without having to splurge on major works? Consider this faux wainscot trick. Simply add thick boards onto your walls, mimicking the look of wainscots before painting the entire section over. You now have yourself a quick and easy DIY upgrade.

2. Start looking up

We very rarely look up when we enter a room. Apart from housing our lights and fans, ceilings don’t get a second thought. This year we suggest you give them a little TLC with the addition of paint, wallpaper, or intricate plaster ceiling. This addition will change the entire character of your room.

3.  Save space with sliding doors

This project is a triple win. Not only will you be upgrading the aesthetic of your home, you’ll be doing it while on a budget and you also get to save prime floor space in what could be an already small home! Barn doors are a trendy addition to homes, and a quick trip to Ikea will get you all your supplies.

4. Stencil your way into style

Not a fan of wallpaper but still want a unique wall design? Create eye-catching designs using stencils and paint. Stencils come in hundreds of patterns, and you could even make your own. Before committing to the design, you can test them out on scraps of drywall. This could end up being a great family activity to take on in the new year.

5. Divide and conquer

Most homes these days come with an open floor plan and although they are a great layout for the most part, it can result in grievances, especially when you need a quiet space or want to avoid cooking smells. Add a glass panel door with hinges as partitions to divide your space. This way you can maintain privacy when needed and open them up when you’re entertaining company.

This article was originally published as Budget remodelling ideas to take on in 2018 by atap.co and is written by Lydia Lohshini.