Black Friday weekend 2018: 5 places with the best sales on home furnishing

If you’ve been fiddling with the idea of upgrading your furnishing, this weekend’s Black Friday sales is the perfect opportunity to level up your home for less.

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The end of the year is approaching, which means most of us are already preparing our homes to welcome the much-anticipated Christmas and New Year. Around this time of the year, you’d be looking to replace some of the furniture to give your home a facelift.

For those who just purchased a property, buying furniture for your new home can be quite taxing on your bank account, especially if you are on the lookout for quality. Which is why, this Black Friday sales is the perfect opportunity for you to give your home furnishing an upgrade. After all, if there’s anything we Malaysians love more than food is our discounts, bargains and freebies.

On this day, online and in stores, retailers across Malaysia are offering massive discounts across a range of products. Although, Black Friday sales typically falls on 23rd November (which is yesterday) and only lasts for a day, there are some retailers who are more than happy to extend their offering until the end of November. You just have to know where to look!

We did a little digging and compiled a list of furniture and home decor stores with the best deals this Black Friday.

1. Ashley Furniture HomeStore Malaysia


B754 – Grindleburg Upholstery Bed

If you’re definitely looking for quality at half the price, check out Ashley Furniture HomeStore’s sales. The brand that originated in the US offers a wide range of  products, from furniture to bedding and lighting. You can drop by their outlets in Citta Mall or Quill City Mall to see everything that they have to offer.

Sale period : 23-25 November 2018
Price range: Upwards of RM200
Offer: Up to 50% off

2. Harvey Norman


©Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman is of course no stranger to the furnishing business. If you’re on a hunt for something less pricey without sacrificing quality, Harvey Norman’s Black Friday sales may be worth the money. You don’t have to worry about delivery fee either. You can locate a store in most major shopping malls.

Sale period : 23-26 November 2018
Price range: Upwards of RM100
Offer: Up to 50% off

3. SenQ



The thing about electrical appliances is that you don’t have to replace them until the next snazzy thing comes out, which is often. When it comes to electrical items, you can never go wrong shopping at SenQ. Home to most of electrical appliances’ leading brands, it was the country’s first megastore that allows shoppers to touch, feel and test a wide range of the latest high-tech products. If you’re thinking about trading that regular steam iron for a steamer or a “49 inch TV with a “65 inch, your timing couldn’t be better. Within these four days, you’ll stand a chance to receive fantastic freebies with selected purchases.  

Sale period : 23-26 November 2018
Price range: RM50-RM3000
Offer: Up to 42% off`

4. Akemiuchi



Who wouldn’t love a bed that’s so luxurious that you regret having to wake up in the morning to go to work? Taking advantage of the Black Friday sales to give your bedroom area an upgrade is definitely a good idea, especially when it results in you enveloped in a 1500 thread count bed sheet at half the price. While your mattress can last up to 10 years, your pillows and sheets require replacing every one to two years.

Sale period : 23-26 November 2018
Price range: Upwards of RM 3
Offer: Up to 42% off`

5. Go Shop



Haven’t heard of Goshop before? Well, time to get familiarized with it.  Go Shop is a new multiple platform lifestyle shopping destination that allows you to watch or browse, and order products on their PC, laptop, tablets or mobile phones by visiting You’ve got a wide range of home furnishing and electronic options here at pretty great deals so it’s an ideal place to get the furnishing for that new property you plan to lease out.

Sale period : 25-27 November 2018
Price range: RM50-RM5000
Offer: Up to 42% off`


6. Spotlight


© |Element5 Digital

Selecting the right ornaments and decorations for your home can drastically change its look. If you want to replicate those modern home decor you see on instagram, Spotlight has exactly what you need. Although it doesn’t explicitly state that this is a Black Friday offer, the sale period falls perfectly on the right dates. So while you’re out upgrading your furniture, drop by the nearest Spotlight store to pick up a few ornaments to add some spice to your house’s new look.

Sale period : 22-25 November 2018
Price range: Upwards of RM5
Offer: Up to 40% for non-members and 50% for VIP members

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to save some of those greens for Cyber Monday!