Beyond greening your property

For most property owners, the gardens and landscaping often becomes an afterthought. Once all the high gloss tiles have been laid and customised kitchen cabinets fitted in there is usually no time or money to go beyond calling in a rag tag team of labourers to put in some grass and ‘plant a few trees here and there’.

Blame it on the lack of knowledge or simply a lack of knowledge on how a few simple touches in the garden can work wonders to any property. At the bare minimum you need some decent topsoil, some nice looking trees and shrubs and most important some good landscaping advice. All this should cost you no more than 5% of your total construction budget.

It is heartening to know there is a new breed of property owner who wants to go beyond aesthetics and to look at how they can contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

One of the ways that they (and definitely you) can do this is to use reclaimed materials and discarded plants that can be mixed and matched as shown in the examples below.

In this example, abandoned railway sleepers, crushed granite rocks and plants were mixed to create a living footpath in the balcony of a condominium in Bangsar. The best thing about this landscape is that every single one of the elements used was once discarded and all it took was some imagination to put them together to transform a once empty, deserted, space.

You don’t have to be restricted to tiny plants in your efforts to green your property. Whole trees can be brought back from the dead and nurtured back to life. All it takes is some good soil, light, regular fertilising and watering and perhaps a green soul. Nature will do the rest.

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Here a frangipani has been replanted in a ‘Shanghai Jar’ in the same condominium to provide some depth and perspective to the once bare floor. The sight will be made even prettier once it starts to flower!

To those who want to start greening your property, keep an eye out for material and plants that can be reused in different ways. And remember. Going green can go beyond just your property. It could also mean greening the earth.

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