Steve had worked hard for over a decade, dreaming of owning a swanky apartment in an upmarket locale. This was not him merely wanting a glamourous address but rather a desire to provide his young family with a secure home, shielded from the high crime rate.

The daily news of snatch thieves, armed intruders, and daylight robbery, especially in his old neighbourhood, spurred him to aim for what he thought was a gentile locality. He also thought a high rise unit would be better guarded, with round-the-clock security, CCTVs and limited access points.

Everything was as he imagined when he moved his wife and two children into his dream home. Comfortable with great amenities, and neighbours who were mostly working professionals, instead of professional busybodies, the new home was everything Steve had dreamed of


Shattered Dreams

One morning, Steve received a rather distressing phone call from his wife.

“Steve, you better come home now. Our home has been broken into,” relayed Steve’s spouse over the phone, unable to keep her anxiety at bay. Steve could hardly believe what he was hearing. This could not be true, not after working so hard to move into what he perceived to be a safer residential area. Not when he was forking almost four figures in maintenance and security fees monthly.

He got home to find the police already scouring the tossed over condominium for clues. An officer was taking details from his distraught wife, barely able to comfort her two children who were extremely upset to find their room tossed and turned, and their soft toys ripped apart. Steve felt his privacy had been violated and his family’s well-being put at risk.

Steve was shocked to hear the police officer inform him that the break-in had occurred in broad daylight. “Luckily your family was not in,” said the policeman. “You may want to consider installing an alarm system.”


Gunning for the Best

Moving out was not an option, even when Steve found out that break-ins had occurred before in his block of high rise condos. Considering the police officer’s recommendation, Steve began scouting for an alarm system that would give him and his family peace of mind. He wanted a system that was effective, yet user-friendly. One, which his wife or his school-going children, would have no difficulty operating.

His online search led him to Bluguard Security System. His online research as well as chats with neighbours convinced him that Bluguard was an established and trustworthy brand.

The alarm system was part of a smart home system devised by engineers by a local manufacturing company in 2003. Bluguard’s Smart Home Systems is also internationally certified. Having a sign that announced that his home was protected by a state-of-the-art system would in itself be a deterrent, thought Steve.


Smart Phone Technology

The feature that really caught Steve’s eye was that the Bluguard Security System was smart phone friendly. That was the one item that neither he nor his wife ever left home without. He was well impressed to find out besides being notified of break-ins, there were warning systems to all occupants to move to a safe and secure area.

Steve was completely sold when he found out that Bluguard Security Systems had its own mobile App allowing him to monitor and control the alarm system. There were functions to deactivate false alarms as well as ensuring that all occupants, whether in or outside the  house, get notified via their mobile devices. It was the perfect system for his family and he could already feel his peace of mind returning.


Safe and Secure

After a few months, his wife told Steve that Bluguard Security System had made her comfortable living in their home again. Even his kids echoed the same sentiments, saying how thorough it was and they could always monitor the home via their smart phones. Its  ease of use also meant that every family member was able to use Bluguard Security Systems and understood all the warning signals. Steve finally felt safe and secure and it was the instrument that made his home feel premium again.