A survivor and a fighter: A story of true grit and determination

A survivor and a fighter: A story of true grit and determination

Adrian Wee is an interior design specialist  turned Property Entrepreneur and Trainer. He is the owner of ID Viva Sdn Bhd (Interior Design King). Adrian is now focusing on helping his community build and grow their property portfolios to generate retirement options for themselves.


Armed with a degree from the US and hungry for opportunity, Adrian began his career in an interior design consultancy in Kuala Lumpur in 1998 with a very low starting pay of RM1,300 per month. “I called up the company and told them that I could work for any amount of money. This was because I knew they were handling projects and I wanted to learn from the best in Klang Valley.”

“When I was young and used to frequent Singapore, I noticed that its interior design industry was amazing as Singapore is about 10-12 years ahead of Malaysia and I wanted to replicate that in this country. I saw so much potential in the Malaysian market, and knew that was what I wanted to do upon returning to Malaysia after my studies”.

As a young rookie, Adrian was all fired up and raring to go. Six months into the job and having produced outstanding results, he asked for a pay rise, which he was promised but delayed. He wanted to take control of his destiny. This triggered him to venture into his own business in Seremban. Leveraging on the experience that his six-month stint gave him and fuelled by seed money from his parents, Adrian took the plunge into the business world. Since then, he has renovated the homes of more than 1,000 clients in the past 17 years. This was an amazing start of his journey to success.

Supported by his wife, who is also an interior designer, the duo ran a very prosperous business venture. “At the age of 27, I was given the opportunity to design the interiors of the Negeri Sembilan’s Chief Minister’s house”, he beams.



At the young age of 28, Adrian entered into a partnership with a carpentry factory. However, after some time, unfortunately there were some conflicts of interest in the partnership. “Cash was tight and that was when I got an SME loan from the bank, and my mentor advised me to invest in property,” he reminisces. He added, “Because I realised that no matter how much money I made, I still invested it back to the carpentry and interior design business. It has never occurred to me to build my own wealth. I was 29 when I decided to proportion most of my wealth into property.”

His property investments paid off. Still hungry for knowledge, Adrian began attending numerous seminars, and was often dubbed a ‘seminar junkie’ for attending so many consecutively. “I attended these seminars to learn more. I wanted to know how to sustain my business. I wanted to know how to build my business and property investment.” He is now in his early 40’s and his investments have paid off. Adrian said, “Now I have a chance to choose the things I want to do in my life as I do not need to trade my time for money.”

He realised that many business owners were also not tapping on the potentials in the market to grow their wealth and their net-worth. So he was out on a quest to empower people on how to expand their net-worth. “I told myself that I wanted to help people grow their wealth and started venturing into another business called the real estate industry. So I Google-d for leading real estate agencies in town and Reapfield came up.”

Adrian was especially impressed with the story of Reapfield’s founder, David Ong. “I was impressed about how David who went through tough times, managed to turn around his past and became a successful real-estate entrepreneur. So I wanted to learn from him”.

“I met David and asked to be part of his team. So, he put me under the sales project team. It was during this stint that I met Ernest Towle who relentlessly encouraged me to be a speaker and first introduced me as one.” Adrian was given the opportunity to speak at an event and to share about how to leverage on property investment and to grow one’s net-worth. “They gave me 7 minutes to speak but I took 20,” he quips. “I spoke about property investment and my concept of fix and flip.” He is the hybrid of property investment and interior design and he has received raving reviews so far.

Since then, there has been no turning back. “I believe that I have been blessed with the skills to transfer knowledge for the benefit of others. I have learnt much from developers that I have interacted with throughout my career.”

Last year, he put his passion for teaching and growing others to action and decided to mobilise his life’s learnings by becoming a full-time speaker as branding of his new business and endeavour. He describes it as UBER in interior design.

He embarked on the idea of building an interior design eco-system complimented by his vast knowledge of the property sector – all aimed at helping others benefit from his life’s experiences. “Knowing how to add value to the property you purchase gives you added advantage in the market. Understanding the market never fails you,” he shares.

“When you have property, it builds your net worth effortlessly.”

Having had an illustrious career as an entrepreneur, Adrian is now living his dream of helping others create their net-worth, which he says is so meaningful and fulfilling.

He advises aspiring property investors to be cautious in plunging into the current market, and says that after Chinese New Year 2016 would be a better time to explore opportunities in the property market.

Asked about how he would describe himself, he says “I am a fighter and a survivor”. Indeed he is – as he has lived to tell the tale and set others on the road to success.


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