9 IKEA items below RM99 that you need for your living room

If you’ve been itching to update the living room but you’re hesitant because nobody’s got time (read: money) for that, then think again!

IKEA’S a trusted source for cheap, yet trendy furniture. So we set out to find its top 10 items below RM99 that will give your living room a breath of fresh Swedish air.

1. LERBERG shelf

This ladder-like shelf is a good storage and display set. Store books, photo frames, plants, and more.

SOURCE: ikea.com

Line multiple shelves in the living room for more storage and to create a feature wall with your colourful books! Psst, this wooden one’s not an IKEA shelf, but we like the idea!

You can also spray your Lerberg shelf with gold paint for an instant facelift. Read this for other things you can makeover with a spray paint.

Price: RM69

2. EKBY LERBERG wall shelf

Wall shelves save floor space for bigger furniture and easy foot traffic in the living room.

SOURCE: Ikea.com

These are also great when lined in multiples. Spray paint them or even hang them upside down for personalised version. It’s suitable for knick-knacks like cords, remote controls, and decorative items.

Price: RM43

3. LACK side table

This design is popular as it’s affordable and totally versatile.

SOURCE: Ikea.com

Use it as a side table, or place 2 together as a coffee table.

A cushion or sponge and some fabric will transform it into an ottoman.

SOURCE: Minimalistdesk.net

Price: RM29.90

4. BEKVÄM step stool

Use this step stool as a step stool (to reach the top of your shelves) or even as a side table!

SOURCE: Ikea.com

Personalise it with paint or wallpaper.

SOURCE: L: Homedit.com; R: thislittlestreet.com

You can even stack and nail them together to form a larger table.

SOURCE: Homedit.com

Price: RM59

5. LERSTA floor/reading lamp

If the natural lighting in your living room isn’t sufficient and you don’t want to renovate the room to include more ceiling lights, then a stylish floor lamp offers both light and charm.

SOURCE: Ikea.com

SOURCE: Qqphoto.net

6. UNG drill mirror

Mirrors create an illusion of space beyond the physical confines of your walls.

SOURCE: Ikea.com

Plus, it makes for pretty wall décor!

SOURCE: livethemma.ikea.se

Paint the frame with your colour of choice to match your living room. You can also paint the mirror with chalkboard paint – hello, next level memo board!

SOURCE: L: livingprettyblog.com; R: yanessasblog.com

Price: RM69

7. GÖRLÖSE rug

Okay fine, this one isn’t under RM99, but it’s exactly RM99 and relatively cheap for a rug.

SOURCE: Ikea.com

SOURCE: ‪corpsdecor.pro

A black a white striped rug adds interest to the room while grounding it. Plus, its classic colours are unlikely to clash with your furniture.
Add pops of colour to complement a black and white rug – think chairs, cushions, and blankets!

SOURCE: decoist.com

8. BOSNÄS footstool with storage

Multifunctional pieces are ideal for smaller spaces like apartments. Use this as a footstool and to store things like blankets, placemats, and cords.

SOURCE: Ikea.com

SOURCE: Ikea.com

Price: RM49.90

9. BRANÄS basket

This rustic piece can be used as a basket on its own or to be slotted into a shelf.

SOURCE: Ikea.com

Place it by an armchair with your favourite books, or under a shelf to hide clutter.

SOURCE: L: founterior.com; R: gaiagreenhomes.com

This article was originally published as 9 IKEA Items Below RM99 That You Need for Your Living Room by atap.co and is written by Charmaine Kon.