9 DIY Creative Planters You Can Make and Show Off at Home

9 DIY Creative Planters You Can Make and Show Off at Home

Growing your own food and plants at home doesn’t have to be painful, or expensive. Here’s how you can DIY home planters that will instantly turn you into the Martha Stewart of gardening.

1. Upcycle old briefcase or luggage bag

A good-sized case or bag can definitely do wonders if you’re thinking about starting an indoor herb garden. Old makeup cases and lunch boxes will work just as well too.



2. Vintage tin coffee or tea container

These come in all sizes and colors and shapes, and would make great decor upon your shelves or window sills.



3. In the hot seat

Don’t throw away your old chairs just yet. You’ll do the environment some good when you repurpose them as a DIY planter for your garden. Place them in the balcony and let guests marvel at your green thumb and creative eye.



4. Crushed tin planters

Use old milk/soup/fruit tins or just about anything else you can find for this project. To spruce up your tins, repaint them with colors that match your decor.



5. Planter re-boot

Before you give your footwear the boot out of the door, consider recycling them as DIY plant containers.



6. Second chance-delier

If you chance upon a cheap chandelier at the local lelong shop, don’t be so quick to brush it off. “But I don’t need a chandelier in my house!” Ah, but your plants may need one.



7. Never get tire-d of planting

Who says gardening never gets rid of spare tires (pun intended)? 🙂



8. Hanging colander planter

Got an old, rusty colander that you can’t wait to get rid of? Slap on a coat of paint and repurpose it into a hanging colander planter and your plants will have a new home.



9. Toy truck planters

What an amazing way to repurpose old toys! The size of the trucks are just perfect for succulents or smaller herb plants. Besides being certified quirky eye candy, these planters also encourages kids to participate in cultivating green thumbs.