8 cringe-worthy property pictures and how to avoid listing photo mistakes


8 Cringe-worthy Property Pictures and How to Avoid Listing Photo Mistakes

The saying “Pictures speak a thousand words” have never been more true in real estate. Gone are the days where people would actually drive to a property they’d want to buy or rent to view it. In today’s fast-paced IT era, all it takes to make or break a deal are online listing pictures that captivate our attention.

Or repel us.

And lest you think that just by slapping on a picture onto your online listing would draw potential buyers or tenants, think again. We’re sure these pictures below will have you think twice, and extra careful at that, when putting up desirable pictures of your property to make a good impression.

1. Kitchen-cum-toilet

Multi-tasking is good but this is just ridiculous.

2. Blurry, out-of-focus pictures

This is what it probably looks like when you ask a drunken hobo to take a picture of your living room.

3. Dark, haunted house-like pictures

Honey, this Paranormal Activity-esque house is just not what I have in mind…

4. But first, let me take a selfie…

And this is why new smartphone camera owners should probably read the manual first.

5. Lelong, lelong

Is this a jumble sale in the making? Perhaps it’s best to declutter before trying to sell your house.

Source: cbsnews.com

6. That time when your bathroom forgot to take a bath

Forget the real estate agents, order a hazmat suit ASAP.

7. That time when your pet decides to make a property investment slash deposit

We don’t really need to know how the lawn gets fertilized…

8. Always sunny in Kuala Lumpur

Expats will be glad to know just how sunny our city is, even in our very own kitchens!

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