7 Home Renovation & Interior Design Tips

7 Home Renovation & Interior Design Tips

So you have bought your dream house. Now, how do you transform the house into a home? The form of the house never matters as much as what’s inside of it because at the end of the day, the people and special things that we fill the house with are what make a home.

Nevertheless, it is important not to get swept up with the intricacies of home design. Have a clear budget in mind, determine the look you want and focus on how to turn your house into a special place of rest and comfort.

Under RM 100,000

1. A simple and economical way to bring some character into a minimalistic home is by adding a splash of colour on the walls. However, in this case, the designer chose to paint the ceiling of each space in the house a different colour and kept the walls white. This not only gave the house a more modern look but also imparted a feeling of spaciousness and unity.


Interior Designer: Exuidea Design

Location: 3 Residen (Taman Melawati)

Cost of renovation: RM 85,000

2. This eye-catching home paints a picture of a fun and outgoing individual. A muted palette of greys provide the perfect canvas to show off those quirky decorations and items you found in specialty and boutique stores. Keep the costs down by choosing an interesting wallpaper instead of remodelling your walls.




Interior designer: Id Industries

Location: Serin Residency (Cyberjaya)

Cost of renovation: RM70,000

Under RM 200,000

3. With a contemporary theme, a bright pop of yellow is used across multiple spaces in this house. Create a lively atmosphere with interesting, modern pieces in the common areas such as the living room and study room. Meanwhile, bedrooms exude a calm aura with soft tones and lighting for a comfortable rest.

Interior designer: JCS Design Project

Location: Tropicale Residency

Cost of renovation: RM 120,000

Under RM 300,000

4. Make your home truly special with a customised layout and furniture. Using white and wooden accents lend this house an evergreen look that never goes out of style. If you love your clothes and fashion, create a walk-in wardrobe by constructing a dividing wall that also acts as storage. An elevated floor adds an elegant touch.

Interior designer: InD’finity Design

Location: The Sanderson Condominium

Cost of renovation: RM 228,000

Under RM 400,000

5. No corner is left unattended in this one-bedroom condominium that begs for a second look. A non-traditional material like steel is used to create shelving for a futuristic look that contrasts nicely with classic elements such as a marble kitchen island and retro-inspired sofas. Add warmth to the space with a cosy, shaggy carpet.

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management (Type A)

Location: Sime Darby Melawati

Cost of renovation: RM 335,000

6. Make use of a double height ceiling with an interesting light installation. A striking carpet and substantial sofa work to anchor the vastness of the living area. Even with such a big space, it is unwise to go over the top with bulky decorations and accessories. Opt for different textures rather than size to keep the look classy and not overwhelming.

Interior designer: Turn Design Interior

Location: CC Lake Fields Residence

Cost of renovation: RM 350,000

Above RM400,000

7. A classic design with modern sensitivities is the perfect answer for someone who prefers stability and comfort. Using black borders on the ceiling proves a nifty trick in creating zones within an open space concept. Invest in quality furnishings swathed in earthy tones and you are set for a home that lasts you a lifetime.

Interior designer: Nu Infinity

Location: Quaint Abode

Cost of renovation: RM500,000

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