7 Fabulous Inspirational Ideas to Steal from Your Favourite Cafés

7 Fabulous Inspirational Ideas to Steal from Your Favourite Cafés

1. What to Steal: The mish-mash, eclectic style from WAA Design & Culture Showroom

Who said anything about having a theme and sticking to it? Which is exactly the concept at WAA Design & Culture Showroom. The ID team has created unique looks for specific spots – an industrial feel at the admin area, a cool arty feel with a touch of Oriental at the lounge section, a retro-ish pantry, a luxe meeting area with a masculine feel… it really goes on! So if you can’t make up your mind of the overall look for your home, why not take cue from this showroom and work on each space individually? It definitely adds personality to your home and makes each spot a photo opportunity.

Interior Designer: Team BJ

2. What to Steal: Texture Mixture from Suki Bakery

We absolutely love the mix of textures and materials in this quaint bakery, which is something you can easily replicate at home. Like the bakery, go for a cemented floor for an overall industrial feel. Mix it up with wood as part of your furnishing to create a warm ambience. Finally, go for marble – an idea perfect for your kitchen – to uplift the entire look.

Interior Designer: Senterior Design

3. What to Steal: Upcycle ID from Aether Café

Upcycle is the trend these days, which is common in cafés like this one. Best part about this trend is that you can easiy make it your own at home. Get your hands on a few recycled crates and fit it throughout your home – whether as tables, makeshift display cases, anything really goes! The upcycle look may be a little stark but a few potted plants here and there can help soften the look.

Interior Designer: Id Industries


4. What to Steal: Geo-industrial style from Fusion Works Office

Imagine working in a cool office like this! Now, imagine coming home to this every day too. The best part is that everything you see in this office can easily be done at home – from the cool geometric floors (just get creative with some paint and materials!) to the half-hacked walls that create semi-private rooms. One word of advice: With such outstanding floors, keep the décor minimal so that things don’t look too busy.

Interior Designer: Kech Design Studio

5.What to Steal: Rustic style from 3 Bags Full Café

Go rustic and industrial at the same time? Why not? Take cue from this café – fit out your home in wood for that classic rustic feel but give it a modern take with industrial-style chairs. A great look for the kitchen area that really says home sweet home.

Interior Designer: AZ Concept Interior Design

6. What to Steal: Mesh it up from Melur & Thyme

If there is one thing you can copy from this café, it is the cool mesh grill that really adds a cool factor to your home. Use it as a separator for rooms or simply as an installation to create an industrial feel. Go all out with black so that it really stands out. Everyone will want to take photos against it, trust us!

Interior Designer: Moonlit Inspiration

7. What to Steal: An unfinished look that works from Mr & Ms Café

What we really love about this café is its red brick walls, a cool interior trend to try at home. The exposed look creates an industrial feel that is so current. Plus, maintenance is easy with this! Another idea to copy from the café? The cement counter that looks really professional – it’s something we all want in our kitchen!

Interior Designer: Nevermore Design
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