£5,000 royal Christmas crackers contain a gold bar


You won’t find flimsy paper party hats and bottom-of-the-barrel dad jokes in these Christmas crackers.

We assumed Christmas lunch at the royal palace to be a lavish affair, but we never thought gold bars and diamond necklaces would be involved…

Everyone loves a good Christmas cracker for the flying plastic toys, oversized paper party hats and five minutes of fun the terrible jokes bring, but it seems the royal family do things a little differently at their table.

Christmas in Buckingham Palace is a very regal affair indeed. Picture: Getty

The Royal Mint has revealed a rather extravagant set of six Christmas crackers this silly season, with a price tag of £5,000 (that’s a casual $AU8,860).

Described as the “height of opulence”, the crackers contain lavish prizes that include a 1oz gold bar, Britannia 2018 ¼ oz 24ct gold bullion coin and a 2018 sovereign 22ct gold bullion coin.

There’s also a sterling silver money clip with 22ct gold half sovereign, 9ct gold cufflinks, and an 18ct gold actual diamond necklace.

A regal change from the tacky crackers we’ve come to know and love. Picture: The Royal Mint

If £5,000 seems a little steep to spend on 30 seconds of pre-lunch fun, then fear not, because the Royal Mint has also released a sterling silver set at the more conservative price of £500 ($AU886).

In these crackers you’ll find a silver compass, compact mirror, money clip, silver and olive wood honey drizzler, cufflinks and a silver bookmark.

Of course, both cracker sets still let out their signature ‘bang’ and contain a hat and trivia card – royals, they’re just like us!

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The Royal Mint says the festive set is “perfect to gift to families, work colleagues or as a corporate gift”.

Even still, my work colleagues are going to be receiving scented candles this year.

This article was originally published as £5,000 royal Christmas crackers contain a gold bar by www.realestate.com.au and is written by Katie Skelly.